Just thought I would say hello to you all!

Have uploaded a photo of me and my daughter having swum in Verdon Canyon, France. If anyone has been watching th Bachelor, you may have seen the girls doing some water events there - I looked it up, noticed that it wasn't far from where we were staying so we decided to take a visit!

Wow is all I can say - it was beautiful, unspoilt and we spent many hours by the river, resting, swimming and taking in the fantastic scenery!

I do hope you are all ok - and I will catch up on your blogs this week!

Take care,

Pen - totally relaxed, rejuvinated and smiling!!! :)

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  • I love swimming, especially in wild places and I know exactly how that feels! It must have been wonderful - I want to be there! (But I wouldn't want to bump into the Bachelor, there's something about that format that seriously worries me!)

    Christina x

  • Wow! what a lovely picture, I'm feeling very envious now. Glad you've had a great time

    Paula x

  • Pen, i could do with taking a dip in that water right now, you lucky thing. Like christina i find the bachelor a bit iffy... Love sylvi xx

  • Bachelor - yes a bit iffy too - but I would have been gutted not to have known about this place - I would recommend a visit to everyone! x

  • That looks amazing! I too feel like a bit of wild swimming now. I think it is the sea for me though, the rivers off the moors are too cold at the moment.

  • What an amazing colour of water...hope you had a fabulous time x

  • Lovely! TTx

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