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First day back at work after summer holidays

A successful day. I had been working from home a lot before the holidays so today was the start of going back in properly.

It wasn't as busy as I thought. Lots of chatting and catching up. It was quiet lots of colleagues out delivering training. So not too overwhelming.

Had a good meeting with my line manager, they want me to look after myself, not take on too much work (although not been set a minimum or maximum amount of sessions)

So mostly good. However after such a quiet day I am absolutely nackered. I think some of it was nerves about going back and what mangers were going to say. Pains are annoying but stocked up in ibroprophen for tomorrow. Hopefully sleep tonight...only 3 more days till weekend. 7 weeks till half term!!

Thanks for reading :-)

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I'm glad to hear it was so successful and that you can pace yourself


Thanks. Today was good too. Got home a bit earlier too so bonus.

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Well done - that first hurdle of going back after a long summer is awful. I was the same - first day back at school yesterday and the thought of it much worse than the reality! I am nervous about the new term though as its always stressful and I'm not on any medication at the moment as my rheumatologist is switching me from Methotrexate to something else due to side effects. Am feeling quite 'exposed' not being on anything and worried about managing aches & pains whilst at work. Oh well - just got to get on with it and see!


Thanks for reply good to know I wasn't the only one getting nervous. Had a big cry last night because of pain and tiredness but felt much better today.

Am also med free and I know that feels scary. Am going to ask Dr tomorrow ifcan get some pain med. Can you take anything?

Do you mind saying what side effects were and what they switching you to? I've got a rhuemmy appointment Monday and would be good to have info. I felt really stick on metho last time.

Hope you have a good rest of the week. :-)


Hi. Thanks for your kind words and sympathy. Have come home today with extreme pains in my hands and hip which is horrible. going to take some naproxen and arcoxia before bed in the hope it calms down. That's all I've been told to take for now while I'm in the process of switching meds. The metho was really working for me but then unfortunately my hair started falling out so my rheumy told me stop taking it - that was 3 weeks ago and now the pain, stiffness etc has come back. I haven't been told yet what to take as a replacement as my rheumy is away until 11th Sept so I will just have to wait and grin and bear it! What are you taking for pain/inflammation in the absence of any other meds? It's nearly the end of the week - hurrah! take care


Hiya, side affects really mess things up hey...of only meds just worked.

I just take ibuprofen and paracetamol. I used to take tramadol but it makes me feel funny. I got put back on method yesterday but felt really sick last night, going to ring hospital today.

I hope yours gets sorted soon. distraction is sometimes best medication in the absence of anything else.

I must admit though I am noticing more when chairs are uncomfortable, if my shows are not padded enough. how can what we try to do to relax i.e. watch TV be painful! so annoying.

anyway Hope you feel better soon :-)

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