Think we should b allowed one. Sunny holiday a year as part of our treatment plan.

I'm currently in Rhodes with accommodation set into the hillside and I'm even managing to walk to it from the beach cause Sun is like miracle cure. I even managed some snorkelling in sheltered bay we found. But Summer was so right about the mosquitos. We have competitions who has most bites haha. But that's a small price to pay

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  • Hope your having a lovley time.xxxx

  • Brillian, hope you have a great rest of your holiday xx

  • Enjoy. Looks lovely there. Looks sunnier than Nottingham anyway! Lol

  • I had 2 weeks on Rhodes Island at Lindos 4 years ago when I was fit and healthy. I never had a problem with mosquitos there, they like my blood far better in Corfu for some reason.

    The heat was my problem as it was over 40 degs everyday and even the locals said it was hotter than usual.

    Rhodes old town was a great place to eat out in the evening as was Lindos and I'm very very jealous of you, with my health problems, the holiday insurance may stop us from ever returning. :)

  • my mosquito bites became like cellulitis, I HAVE bad reaction to bites, I AVOIDED being bitten to last eve, so cross antiobiotics for me it was on return home had to go to A AND E at work as whole leg red hot and hard.. cellulitis , gp fluclox rx not enough , hosp gave me script took back to work with me.. 1Gram of fluclox qds ( four times daily!)

  • Stopped at Rhodes while on a cruise a couple of years back. I loved the town and i have a pic of a cute wee boy sitting on a doorstep playing his toy accordian with a plate beside him. Did give him a euro lol. x

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