I am going to take my daughter to stay with my son and his girlfriend today. They are going shoe shopping for her prom shoes in Newcastle.

So we decided to take the caravan and drop her off and us two go to Northumberland , now after my last episode a couple of weeks ago falling out the caravan door and ending up I hospital if anyone passes a van in Northumberland and sees a huge steroidal woman falling out the door, come and say hi, it will be me!!!!!

Hope you all ok today, maybe spring here soon... Here's hoping.

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  • That gave me my first laugh of the day :-) Hope you have a great time x

  • Xxxxxxx

  • caravans, holidays, shoe shopping.....SPRING....

    can you tell. Me what drugs you are on????????

    Enjoy your break(holiday)

  • Morphine!! Xx lol

  • Think I need to double patch then.

  • Enjoy allanah and stay upright this time lol.xxx

  • Lol will try! Got some red wine in the bag should I or shouldn't I lol ...

  • I reackon you should..might be hard to stay upright afterwards though lol. Just go easy with the red okay..xxx

  • Mmm well things look better lying down I anyway!!

  • Just been on the radio the road we are going on is blocked on both carriageways! Fated! Hope it's clear by then !!! Doh .

  • Before the wine, let down your tyres, make bed on the floor, place cushions outside the caravan, all done? With all areas covered, enjoy the wine and the weekend with OH. Take care.xxx

  • U r brilliant!!

  • Take crutches!!!!! xxxx

  • Is it against the law to be drunk in charge of crutches!!!!

  • I will watch the news to see if you make the news.xxx

  • Yes watch Gypsy Weddings , !! Maybe not you have to do a lot of claening xx

  • ???? What are you talking about.xxx

  • Have you never watched this programme, it's hilarious! Normally on Channel 4, there is another one one soon, about where they get the money from to pay for their dresses!

  • I have seen big fat gypsy weddings.I was thinking of finding her on bbc news having been done for drunk in charge of crutches!!

  • You can picture it can't you! Sorry allanah laughing at your expense, but with you at least.

  • Et tu Brute!! No its funee, but my caravan is posh!!

  • And my crutches are made of solid gold lol xx sorry sylvie tried to write back earlier but no signal till we got here!

  • I may not make the news but might get on the programme big fsat gypsy weddings- meant £o£ x

  • I may not make the news but might get on the programme big fsat gypsy weddings- meant £o£ x

  • Wow what a crazy woman you are Allanah - no one could ever say that you sit around and mope could they?! Remember Beedle's About (i couldn't cope with him turning up - remember him interviewed about having a low sperm count until he started wearing loose boxer shorts and washing his balls in cold water?!) maybe get a recording of the trip from beginning to end, including the motorway hold ups, and you could make your fortune? Xxxx

  • Yuk don't remember that!! In the van, toasty and hot, had dinner ans two small glasses of wine!! Exitingday tomorrow...cravan cleaning!

  • H i Allanah enjoy your wine. Make sure your sat down inside caravan first. Before you open wine make sure caravan door is closed !!!!!!!!! You should be safe. En joy oh and relaxing weekend xx

  • Not relaxing miss! It about getting the heating going, sterilising the water system for trhe year, washing the van and cleaning! But tomorrow after that we will go for dinner in a country pub!!

  • The pub is sounding good !!!!!!!!xx

  • have a good time we are off in our van on monday up to Louth hope it stays dry for you but not in the wine department watch those steps


  • Thanks lizz where's Louth?

  • Lincolnshire

  • And here. Is the BBC news Newcastle. A woman was found outside her caravan with a broken neck tonite. With her dying breath she said please give my gold crutches to sylvie. The police are trying to track down a mob called LiZmissgeorjedimplesylvietildawatsonpaulywoo gang who appear to have encouraged the woman to drink red wine and jump from the posh caravan singing - I believe I can fly and declaring everlasting love for jeremy beadle, jeremy kyle and barry manilow- more follows tomorrow on our late evening news.

  • News update a senior memeber of the gang Tilda has justt been named

  • That's me pouring the umpteenth g&t for you just a few caravans away - the blond with the two dogs like "dusters on legs" and the groovy black splints! Xx

  • Caught. Red handed !!

  • Please can I join you in yr caravan, because I've got to face a day of trudging round shops looking for the elusive perfect prom dress for my daughter. Not sure if my knees will hold up?

    Have a great time.

  • Lol just boought the Prom dress and left my daughter iin Newcastle to do prom shoes with her sister in law! Pick her up at teatime then she will be here today and tomorrow!

  • Home! no mishaps xx

  • Allanah you have had me in fits of laughter you are so funny. Never feel sad for long when i see your blogg. fantastic blogg have a great time enjoy your wine and your break away you are an inspiration to us all . thanks Allanah for making me smile today. big hugs . Lena xxx:)))

  • Awww that's lovely , I think I am funnee but plenty will disagree lol xx

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