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Twingy Head Pains

Hi folks I

am taking MTX and Folic acid does anyone suffer with twingy pains in head followed by a fuzzy head from time to time, for me at the moment i am not feeling the pain of R/A a bit of stiffness in legs yes. I am struggling with my line of thought, i hate the word depression, at the moment i have just had a lovely weekend away but over the weekend i have had these little twinges of pain in the back of my head on the left side. I have had a pretty good nights sleep but feel fuzzy in the head today could this be the R/A, and now feeling very low I am thinking maybe i have over done it i have done quite a lot of walking. We walked up this this road that was a very steep hill i felt quite sick when i got to the top, my Hubby is quite good as a rule but has lapses where he seems to forget i have R/A because i suppose i try to keep it in cognito a lot of the times. We where trying to find our way back to the Hotel we had a map, but on getting to the top of the hill i said lets get a taxi, he said aww don't you like a challenge we will be there soon. Well i won't say what i answered him with <<<!!!>>>!!.. Sorry for the moan but we all need a vent now and again and i know we all understand one another's probs no matter how trivial on here. thx folks xx Ladybird

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Whilst on tin tablets I suffered from horrendous headaches. I was on 20mgs and it was the increase,to this level that caused it.

I an now on injection, only started last week.

I agree with the fuzzy head syndrome, also lack of concentration, I also suffer from loss of co ordination of speech. It's funny at the moment, but doesn't fill we with re assurance for going back to work.

Hope this gives you a little bit of reassurance.

Carole x


Thanks Carol for your answer, yes i have lack of concentration at times too x Ladybird


Don't know whether it's the meds (MTX and Hydroxy) or the RA but I too suffer from bouts of depression now and it does seem to be related to a weekly cycle so have assumed it's MTX that causes it. My rheumy says he thinks it's active disease that causes depression but I'm hoping not since, like you, the pain has been much less at the fore of late but the low moods have continued. I was always a bit fuzzy headed and dippy so can't tell if that's anything new or not! Tilda xx


Yes Tilda i am the same as you describe on the whole i seem to have the pain under control except of course the stiffness at times. The thing is i can have a great few days and for no reason i go into a low mood, and get anxious about stupid things i have wondered if this is the meds or another effect of R/A. Ha ha ha and yes i have been known for being a bit of a fuzzy head too ;) thx Tilda xx Ladybird


Hey you're welcome that's what this site's all about isn't it! I've been in the mother of glooms tonight but then my eldest is now away and I got up at crack of dawn to drive him to the airport with 3 months of clobber - it's raining horses and cows and I'm tired and have had the first day in ages feeling really cranky in the joints with knees really stiff and sore. I think it's probably just stress and lack of sleep but then I never feel very rational these days.

Sometimes I think I'm happier when I'm in pain because then I know where this devilish disease is and it plays less with my mind somehow? but this soreness and stiffness is really bothersome - worst of all worlds as not pain but not absent either.

When it all goes I can almost hear the music like in a horror movie where everything's quiet and in suspense and you know it's lurking but at the same time the brain says "it's all gone - stop looking for trouble - it's all just been a bad dream and you're waking up..". I can be brave when I know where my enemy is at least? I realise this sounds really weird and a tad unhealthy though but I've always hated suspense - I'm a head under the pillow type when that music plays I confess! TTx


I know exactly where you are coming from Tilda it is always lurking, sometimes i go to bed and can't sleep i don't feel pain but i know something is going on in my body and keeping me awake.I hate the down moods and all the little aches and pains that sometimes occur you don't know wether to blame it on R/A or Meds or if there is another cause for it. As you say its not pain but not absent either. It is an invisible disease for a lot of us who have no obvious signs of it, and when you say your tired or not feeling good sometimes you don't get taken seriously. It is the stiffness and soreness that gives me the most discomfort on bad days too.i I go to Chi Ball classes at my gym that really does help keep the joints moving, and it also relaxes you. Hope you feel better Tilda after resting and a good nights sleep x Ladybird x


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