Not well enough today to have my gold injection :-(

Have been on gold injections for a month now thought I was winning with this one until my red blood cells started to on tablets for aniemia feeling very exhausted severe night sweats followed by pins and needles all over body feeling very weak...lymph nodes on neck still there..??? So my appointment with rheumy nurse today was blood tests only and no gold injection for the moment...until I start feeling rheumy is not sure if the gold injections are a cause...I don't think they are as I've often had these blah feelings in the past obviously not as bad as im now been anaemic but will just have to wait and my rheumy nurse said today r a has a lot to answer for....Nicola x

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  • Hello

    Gold injections I had them a long time ago and was suffering to many contraindications so they were stopped.

    The gold injection is one of the older treatments, the problem with it is it amplifies the exhaustion we all suffer from because our immune system is further suppressed because of the drug.

    If you are feeling so bad would you not feel better discussing this more fully with the RA nurse or the Specialist. They could consider a change in medication, it seems a shame that you are feeling like a damp cloth. The problems we all have with these medications after all effect the immune system, just a suggestion. I am not a doctor so I cannot advise on the problems you are having


  • Hi bob thank you for your reply. I've tried most of the dmards and the gold is the last dmard for me to try. I'm going see how I get on...discuss with rheumy nurse next week. See how things go with my bloods and take it from there. I suppose we have to try different meds to see which one we can tolerate....not straight forward thanks again Nicola

  • Sorry you are feeling so rough..the exhaustion is terrible..I've been out today as I felt really well..absolutely worn out now just getting ready for's never ending isn't it? I hope they sort you out soon honey. Maryx

  • Thank you true about days friend has asked me to go out for couple hours tomorrow...she understands I have to arrange these outings when I wake up on the day as just going in the shower is sometimes's annoying at times when we can't plan...the good thing is chatting to people like you on hear who understand...thanks again Nicola x x x

  • I think we..on this site...are the only ones who really understand...I too can't plan anything and sometimes when I do, I still only have a little time before it all really is debilitating...mentally as well as physically...I often feel such a spoil sport..luckily my family and a couple of close friends "get it".... If you are up for it, why don't you try to join us on our trip down Southend pier to see Santa? I had no idea I could have so much fun without leaving the house...I think we are going to misbehave terribly...hopefully!!!! Maryx

  • I would have loved too if I was feeling a bit better and if it had been closer to me....let me know how it goes enjoy I guess we have to make the most of our happy outings...and nothing wrong misbehaving hehe tc thanks again Nicola x x x

  • We only pretend to go and post each other...we don't actually leave our homes so see how you feel honey.maryx

  • Ahh that sounds good i will be there (I'm laughing to myself )I'm thinking you must all live close by ha ha xxx

  • It's funny because I thought that when I first joined but I found myself talking to someone who lives in America!!!! She.s coming on Friday too..I think there are quite a lot of us gets really silly and I have laughed out loud to some of the hopefully Friday Eve will be just as funny...I haven't met any of them but they are all so kind and understanding of each other that I feel some of them are my friends already..the only trouble is, some evenings I thin my iPad will explode!!!!! See you Friday then..we are going to see Santa before going in the pub!!! Maryx

  • Thanks for letting me know. I'm looking forward to it, i will make sure my iPad is fully charged for the Santa/pub Friday get together see you there Nicola :-) x x x

  • Ok. Goodnight Nicola x

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