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Berry pup to vet yesterday to be castrated, a baby tooth taken out which has been stubborn, and his claws clipped. He is going through a funny phase at present and won't let me touch his feet although I have clipped his claws in the past. Took him in at 9.45 and met the clinic nurse who Berry took to straight away. Alex the senior vet did the operation. He is also the owner of the veterinary surgery and we have known him for many years. He was also present when our burmese cat Minnie was born almost 10 years ago and he has followed her career with interest particularly when she got her championship status at one of the shows. He thought Berry was a beautiful dog - of course we do too, but we are biased!

Himself came with me yesterday afternoon to collect pup as he would need lifting into the car. A slip of a girl took Berry out to the car and just lifted him in. He weighs 25 kilos and I can't lift him!

Got His Lordship home complete with Buster collar which he hates. Had to cut a couple of inches off it as it was too big. He kept bashing into everything with it. took it off during the evening so he could eat in comfort and made sure he did not lick at the wound.

He had 3 meals last night! Not surprising as not had anything to eat since 5 p.m. the day before. He is on a bland diet, rice and chicken for 24 hours - I assume because the mouth is a bit sore after the tooth removal. So he had 2 lots of that plus 2 weetabix later on with water and a little skimmed milk.

This morning, had the remains of the rice and chicken + 2 more weetabix which he enjoyed.

Had to put the buster collar on overnight - he managed to get it off and Himself fortunately checked him before he went to bed and put the collar back on. Berry seems to have had a reasonably comfortable night. Still has the collar on and keeps bashing into my legs with it.

He goes back to the vet next week to see the clinic nurse just to check all is ok.

Tilly Lab not too sure what is going on and rather puzzled especially when Berry bashes into her with his collar. She has had a good sniff at him all over and obviously realises something has happened. I suppose he still smells a bit of the surgery.

Minnie was pleased to have my attention most of yesterday and spent a lot of time following me about and sitting on my knee to be fussed. She is such a good little cat - she is a brown tortie colour and beautifully marked.

Going over to see a friend later this morning who has just had her knee operated on. She came home from Hospital on Sunday and is quite cheerful. Her hubby is looking after all their animals - chickens, bees, dogs etc. He is a busy local solicitor as well so quite a lot to fit in.

I have woken this morning with a sinus headache which is threatening to turn into a migraine. Must have slept very heavily last night although a window was open for air. Finally stripped the bed off this morning so now I have to change it otherwise we're sleeping on a bare mattress tonight!

Himself gone off to work (he is a Utility Broker) and taken Tilly with him.

Just wondering whether to volunteer my services to help out with the prosecutions of all the rioters!

Has anyone who blogs been affected? Hope you are all ok. We are lucky here in Norfolk as no copy cats have started up but our local police are on alert for any trouble. Some trouble in Cambridge but police brought it under control and made arrests. Can't believe what has been going on and seeing the pictures on TV. This is just sheer criminal behaviour for the sake of it and opportunistic thieving and damage. I sincerely hope the courts clamp down and for those children who were out and looting, their parents should be prosecuted as well. right off the soapbox now.

Headache no better so will take another pill and hope it goes off. Have to call into the local shop on way out to get more chicken for Berry, some flowers for friend and get some money out as down to my last £10 note at present.Also collecting my stilettos from the menders which is in the same village as my friend lives.

Take Care everyone. Hope you are all feeling a little better this morning.

MTX day today - Oh joy. Love LavendarLady xx

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Berry is one big pup?? bet he has big paws lol x


Hi Summer, yes he is as tall as our 7 yr old Lab Tilly. Berry has very long legs but paws not too large. He is 7 months old now and has grown so fast. LL x


My answer to the rioters is shoot them. I know that sounds awful, but why should law abiding people suffer because these kids think the world owes them a living.

I was born in ely and the surrounding area is a nice peaceful place.

Sylvia. x


Hi Sylvi, I agree. My father told me that during the war years looters could be shot on sight - needless to say no one looted! Perhaps we should bring that back, + water cannon, curfews etc. These kids who have been looting, their parents should be prosecuted as well.

Fortunately, here in Norfolk it has been peaceful although police were on alert just in case. LL


what part of norfolk do you live in?



Hi Sylvi, I live in a village in W. Norfolk about 5 miles from King's Lynn and virtually on the edge of the Sandringham Estate. Beautiful country round here. Where are you now you have left Ely? LL


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