Thoughts from the Home Front

Thoughts from the Home Front

Feeling like death today and don't know why. My right shoulder blade is incredibly painful, my left jaw is stiff and won't let me chew or close it properly and brushing my teeth is a nightmare. Sat with a hot water bottle on my shoulder blade and my shawl round my shoulders. Also put the heating on as felt so cold. Other than that, everything in Lavendar Castle is fine and dandy.

Berry had been sick all over his bedding when I got home from work at lunchtime so all went into the washing machine. Must have been all the grass he ate yesterday when tearing about the fields. Tilly trotted along sedately behind with the occasional burst of speed. The cat is sneezing and has a watery eye so hope she is not going down with anything. Tilly is due her injection so have to arrange that with the vet for Thursday. Berry starts his gun dog training on Thursday morning as well. It's all go again.

People for tea tomorrow - should have made a Victoria Sponge today but shoulder blade so painful can hardly move it. Will try and get it done in the morning after my Queen Elizabeth Fields meeting at 10. At least I have some Tea Bread in the freezer so they will have something to nibble on with their cuppas. A friend has lent me another side table for cups etc. She staggered round with that this afternoon and stayed for a drink and a natter.

Weather is damp and foggy here and very miserable. I do think my parents could have organised it better so that I wasn't born in November, It's such a depressing month. The Sun did manage to get through for a short while and then gave up and went.

I have downloaded from the Jackie Lawson card website, the Chudleigh desktop widget so every so often a chocolate labrador streaks across my screen, or brings slippers, or his food bowl. He also lies down and goes to sleep or sits and washes his face. Quite fascinating to see. You can even see him breathing! He has a red collar. Both our dogs have red collars as well.

Rotary meeting tonight with a committee meeting beforehand so hope it doesn't drag on too long. More fog forecast for this evening. At least I have now found where the fog lights switch is on the car - I've only had the car since March. Took me a while to find where it was and had to look at the handbook.

Must go and feed the menagerie and get hubby's jacket potatoes in. LavendarLady x

since March!

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Hi LL,

That sounds rotten re shoulder & chew! is it related to the dental problems you had a while ago? I think you should progress this, maybe request an MRI?

Don't want to worry you, but shoulder pain and jaw pain, maybe it might be something else, I think you should check out with doc? that is if you hav'nt already??? what you think?

x Gina.


Hi Gina, the jaw is definitely the RA - confirmed by consultant. Shoulder blade I think is down to the problems with that shoulder anyway so hoping that will clear up with the physio I am having. Not had any more tooth problems thank God. Once was enough! LL x


I personally have had it my jaw, throat and neck on different occasions. I suppose if it persists then seek help as Gina suggests ...



Yep it's horrible in your Jaw, i've also been known to have it in the 3 little joints in my ear and the tendons on my eye socket (causing double vision and pain and ear ache and yes as you described generally feeling shitty ;-)

Feel better soon

Ella xx


HI LL its horrible having it in your jaw - i have that intermittingly. Good that everything is ticking along nicely at the castle and all are behaving well! I think you tend to get cold when the pain is more intense, hope it passes and doesn't get any worse LL.


So sorry to hear you are not to good.. I f you are arent up to baking and stirring will set that shoulder off,! nip out and buy a cake or cakes xx


Sorry your having so much pain at the moment- there's a lot of people suffering at the moment i wonder if it's the foggy cold weather ?

Agree with Summer nip down to the supermarket,buy a sponge.sprinkle it with icing sugar no one will know the difference!(Guess whose done this before)

Take care

Julie xxx


Yes go and buy a cake no one will notice as they have come to see you. I have pain round my eyes and i've too have wondered if it is the ra.I had my eyes done and got discharged from that,i did ask about the pain and he said no it was not caused by the eyes. My face also swells up,some days i'm better than others and i do think it is the ra. Will ask thursday when i down hospital. You have such a busy live i envy you.

Sorry to say i forgot which dog is in the picture,i blame the drugs that clouded my head.

Sylvi. xx


I'm glad you've found the fog lights!

Enjoy your tea and I hope the jaw eases. Mine felt altogether better when u all reassured me

X c


Hi LL ( I think of your name as lovely lady hope you don't mind) anyway yes the jaw is awful when you can't eat properly I also suffer from a horrible grinding noise when I do chew and this makes me feel sickly( I am very squeamish particularly with anything to do with bones!! ) I agree buy a cake or two and save youself from anymore pain. I adore your doggy picture. My hubby is allergic to dogs so I have a 17yr half deaf cat with dementia ( according to the vet) she is very hard work. The cat not the vet! Anyway hope you have a good day despite your RA. Take care lovely lady. Xxx Tricia


Hi Everyone. Have made a sponge cake but did most of the mixing with my electric mixer - only did the last bit by hand and bunged it into the tins. Just taken them out of the oven - they do smell delicious. Berry lab was in attendance in case anything dropped onto the floor and had a lick of the mixing bowl as well.

Also got a fruit bread to slice up which I did buy.

Shoulder blade is much better today - think I must have strained a muscle or something yesterday. AND I can now close my jaw on the left side as well.

Although as Tricia says, do get a sort of grinding noise in the jaw which I am told is the ligaments which have been stretched and they will go back eventually.

Dog in picture is our old labrador Bessie who was a gun dog - she died 4 years ago and I still miss her every day. I have her picture as a screen saver on my computer. Despite having Tilly and Berry, she was my first gun dog and I trained her myself and loved her to bits. When I also pistol shot, I had a range in our big garage and she would sit beside me and as the gun went off would go looking for the pheasants which she was convinced would fall from the rafters! A very loving and much loved and missed dog.

LavendarLady x


Well done lavender ! I should have guessed you has an electric mixer!, Labs make such great gun dogs,, by dad used to have a black lab, sorely missed also, did I tell you my dad was and still does a bit of gunsmithing, black powder. muzzle loaders. he is v talented

regards Alison x


Hi Alison, when I had to give up my pistols courtesy of the last but one government, my Pistol and Rifle Club suggested I try black powder but decided against it as I would probably have managed to blow off my thumb!

Glad you dad is still doing it - it is a brilliant hobby and you meet such lovely people. I used to shoot for the club and the county but never really won very much before the Government intervened and removed our guns. Some of my fellow members took their pistols across to France (a much more sensible country when it comes to firearms!). But as usual it was the law abiding who were penalised not the odd nutter that ran amok. LL x



Glad you are not suffering as much as you did before. Good idea with the cake using a mixer, but in truth half the battle is the motivation to do it especially when we are in pain!

Hope you continue to improve,

Sci x


Hi Sci, thanks, better today and the cake turned out very well. Filled it with blackcurrant preserve and butter cream. Used my hand held electric mixer but I also use my mother's old Kenwood when making big cakes. It may be old but it is still going strong. LL x


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