Fillings and more fillings (teeth & food)

Just got back from the dentist who has repaired two fillings rather than drilling them out and starting again. It is all so modern these days. however, the wisdom tooth is causing him worry. If the repair doesn't take, he will have to refer me to the dental surgeon at the hospital as he couldn't get it out as too far back in my lower jaw, which is also very narrow apparently. Must admit I do remember having 4 teeth taken out as a child and again the same 4 teeth when I was 13 to avoid over crowding in my jaw.

Can't eat for at least an hour so no choccie biccies with my cuppa. So will savour the tea and read the paper. Although the dentist did not need to drill anything, have got raging toothache now on that side - think it is all in the mind!

Took my very depressed friend out this morning - we visited the local garden centre where I bought plants to replace the ones dug up by Berry, and we had a coffee, and then onto a hotel by the sea at Hunstanton for a delicious bowl of stilton and brocolli soup and a crusty granary miniature cottage loaf. Delish. Finished with coffee. Can highly recommend a J2O called White Grape and Kiwi. Very refreshing and not as sweet and sickly as the fruit J2Os. Could see the sea and beach from the window - tide was coming in I think. Difficult to tell on this coast as it goes out so far and comes in really high. think it was about half way. People kite flying on the beach as it was windy. Also started to rain as well - felt really sorry for the holidaymakers.

Also made friends with a labrador at the bar with his master. He sniffed me all over and could obviously smell my dogs. He was staring fixedly at the counter = apparently the pork scratchings were the other side and he was hoping they would just jump out. Our other lab Tilly is a bit like that - lives in hopes.

Got home to find Berry had tried to demolish a cushion and there was cotton wool all over the kitchen floor. So a bit of sewing to do once I had stuffed it all back into the cushion. Have to wait for it to dry as rather soggy at present and my fingers are very bad at sewing nowadays.

Now got teeth aching on the other side - must be the thought of going to the dental surgeon at the hospital.

Grandfather clock has just struck 5 and Berry is looking out of the kitchen as he knows it is his dinner time. So will sign off now and feed the brute, also the cat and leave Tilly's food for her (she is at work with Himself and should be back about 5.30 as he has his Rotary meeting tonight. LavendarLady xx

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Lovely blog LL could just about see the seaside & kites, smell the food, and lastly hear the grandfather clock, you should write a book. :) Taking a depressed friend out is such a nice thing to do.

xx Gina.


It was lovely reading about your day Dottie. Like Gina I could imagine the scenery and taste the food and coffee. I am sure your friend enjoyed the day too.Bless you.

Take care Julie xx


P.S. I have to have wisdom tooth out too. Just waiting for an appointment!


julie how are you? Has the steroid worked yet?


Yes, I am amazed already. The wrist is much much better and tonight my knee feels less "lumpy" when I walk. Mind you have been resting quite well!! Thank you.


what a busy day - beautiful blog i felt as though i was on the beach


Hi LL, hope the teeth are ok, lovely blogg too like a piece from a novel!

When you said about you dog demolishing the cushion it reminded me of a dog we had called katie, she was so destructive. Every time we came back home something else had been chewed or eaten or the carpets had been pulled up! she was such a naughty thing but we couldn't help but love her, doesn't matter what we did we just couldn't stop her. She was eventually diagnosed with diabetes had to inject her every day and test her wee! but she lived for another 6 years or so. I'll never forget her.

Anyway, take care and hope the teeth feel better soon.

Take care

mand xx


My Heart goes out to all you who have their own tooffy pegs, I had mine out 25 years ago because of the fibro making them extra sensitive, the pain from tooffy ache is way too much for me to handle.

good luck and I really hope the pain easies off very soon.


the tooffyless wonder. lol


Hi all, thanks for all your comments. Teeth fine now - took a paracetemol last night and that seems to have settled the aches down. Can't think why they ached as the dentist did not use a drill or anything. Haven't mended the cushion yet - that's a job for later today. My cleaner not coming in today as not well so will have to have a go myself. Just cleaned the cooker hob and the sink so thought would take a break as shoulder aching. Got the Hoover out and Berry keeps growling at it! Don't know what he thinks it is. Must look like some alien monster to him. Minniecat is yelling in the sitting room as well - probably feeling a bit left out - as soon as the hoover goes on, she will be off into the conservatory as she hates the noise.

Weighed myself this morning - what a shock - have put on 7 lbs - that's steroids for you. So will have to make a determined effort to get that off - means cutting down on everything I enjoy - choccie biccies, potatoes (jackets with lots of butter), bread, cake etc.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Love LL xx.


pleased your teeth are better x


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