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Alarms and ups and downs

Alarms and ups and downs

Morning all, haven't blogged for a while as been up to my eyes in the appeal for the church bells. Have written and sent 84 letters, completed the Heritage Lottery Fund application, although not yet sent off as waiting for some paperwork to arrive, sent endless e mails, collected various amounts of money via cheques to help with the appeal and fallen into bed each night exhausted.

Strangely, the RA flare up which I had all over Xmas and New Year seems to have settled with all the rushing about, apart from my shoulder which is extremely painful today so much so that driving into the office for an hour this morning to finish off some work, was very difficult. Now back home so don't intend doing much for the rest of the day. Sat up late last night watching Blue Murder with Caroline Quentin. Got involved in it and just had to see it through to the end although it didn't finish until 11.35. I'm usually in bed and asleep by then! My Enbrel is being delivered today so have to be at home between 12.20 and 2.20 to get it in.

My MTX injections still haven't arrived at my local pharmacy despite being ordered a week ago. When I went in yesterday, they told me the manufacturers have changed the code and are now denying they ever supplied MTX to me (I've only been having it for almost 4 years!). They did ring the supplier whilst I was there and it should arrive today particularly as my injection is due today! so have to go down this afternoon to collect. Hope it is there otherwise will have to take the Enbrel today and leave the MTX until tomorrow or Friday which will throw out my routine!

The alarm was with Berry last Saturday - who reached a year old on the 11th January. Can't think how as he is such a pain in the A.... at times. Anyway, I was going to trim the end of his claws which have got quite sharp. Got him corralled on the sofa and holding onto him - he hates his feet being touched. Just got the clippers over the worst claw when he jerked away and I cut off more and nicked the quick. This promptly bled all over the place. Kitchen and hall floors looked like a massacre had taken place - if the police had turned up then, I would have been arrested!. Had to clean the carpet and sofa covers as well, put pressure on his paw to stop the bleeding. Had just got it stopped and finished cleaning up, when he started licking it again and the bleeding started again. Used up a whole kitchen roll. By this time I am in floods of tears thinking I have hurt him, he is licking my face, my husband is telling me not to be so wet and that I haven't hurt the dog but didn't offer to help! Next time I'll take a pair of scissors to his nail quicks and see if it hurts when I knick it!

In the end, got the first aid kit out, padded his paw, wrapped it round with that tape stuff and then a bandage secured with a rather fetching bow, and told the dog on pain of being turned into catmeat not to touch it. Bless him, he never did. The next morning, I took it all off and it had stopped bleeding and started to scab over.

The silly dog on Monday morning charged around the garden, opened up the claw again and more blood all over the kitchen floor. Mopped him and floor up, put him in his pen and went off to work! By the time I came back, it was clear it had not bled again and he is now fine.

I had to get down on the floor with him on Saturday and of course, couldn't get up again without using the chair for support. Himself just sat there and didn't give me a hand even though he could see I was struggling. Tilly the other lab came over and rested her head on my knee in sympathy and finally himself stirred and got me a whisky and water which I desperately needed. At that point Miinie cat came onto my lap and snuggled down. So surrounded by animals (I don't include hubby in this), I began to feel better knowing Berry's foot was well wrapped and vowing to let the vet deal with him next time.

LavendarLady x

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Oh LL,what are we going to do with you. Loved the blog even if it caused you a lot of hassle. Like the picture where was it taken?

Love sylvi.xx


H Sylvi, don't know where the picture was taken. Found it on my computer and liked it so thought I would include it here. Judging by the colours and plants, somewhere abroad I should think. LL x


Oh Good, Enbrel has just been delivered within the time limits (at 1.35 p.m.) so now I can go and get the MTX if it is there, after 2 p.m. and before the schools come out to clog up the roads and parking! LavendarLady x


Hi LL,

I'd wondered where you had disappeared to - glad it was not another flare or cold that was occupying you:-}

One of my dogs has twice split a toenail whilst bombing around - probably on a rock or boulder - the ensuing blood flow left a 'scene of the crime' type scenario in the woods. I arrived at the vets with blood sprayed up the car windows thinking that he had a major cut to his paw! Neither dog likes their feet being scrutinised - our lovely vet said 'leave him where he is' and climbed into the back of the car with syringe in pocket and nail clippers to hand. Because the dog was strapped in with a harness the vet was able to proceed to clean him up without any interference from either dog:-}

Because I find gripping the nail clippers difficult I either ask the grooming place to clip their nails when they go there or in between times I ask the nurses at the vets to do them for me - both are happy to do so:-}

I'm not surprised that you've been exhausted from all that letter writing etc - good on you for doing it though.

Cece x



Glad your seem to be recovering. It's good to know that your are blogging again. Will finish reading it later.

Hope you get your mtx this afternoon.

Take care Sci x


Hi Sci, yes I rang the pharmacy and they confirmed it was in and ready to collect so got it just after 2 p.m. and did the injection immediately. Shoulder is much better now. LL x


Glad you are recovering, I think a good plan is to get a vet nurse to trim those large puppy claws in future !!

Take care.. well done on the fund raising xx



Glad to have you back.Fantastic news on the fundraising too.I had to wait longer for my MTX injections last time.I wonder if the changes are nationwide

My daughter keeps nagging me for a dog - i don't think i could cope

Take care

Julie xx


Oh LL goodness what a few days you have had there. That is really annoying about the pharmacy and your injections, i take it that you are taking them orally still.

Poor ole Berry, and poor old you having to clear it all up. My OH is the master of the dog so he cleans up after him all the time - don't think i could though it is a very clean dog.


Hi Mads,no I don't take the MTX orally any more and don't have any tablets in reserve - I handed them back to the pharmacy when my consultant put me onto the injections so it was very important that my mtx injections arrived. I don't blame the pharmacy - they put the order in a week previously - it is the supplier/manufacturer who is to blame. LL x


I did the same thing once to our eldest when he was about 3 months old and it bled and bled and husband never forgave me - son still comes to him now with the occasional dodgy nail when his back is playing up (usually after golf, badminton or drumming). And I was never allowed to touch the nails of the other two boys - it still gives me goosebumps at the thought of it but it was hardly intentional! Glad it's only the shoulder playing up. Julie - avoid dogs unless you are up to them - they are great tonics but are also loads of work with the walking and the leads and the barking at posties etc... and holidays .. don't get me started! TTx


Oh don't worry - i'm standing firm on this one.We do have a friends dog , a beautiful collie when they go away but i couldn't do it full time.It's not really fair as it would be left on it's own all day.She'll have to make do with the hamster !

Julie x


Hi LL. Lovely to have you back.I always enjoy reading your blogs.

Sorry to hear about your problem with your dog.As you know our cat has not been well and has needed tablets twice a day for about ten days now.I had to ask my husband to give them to her as I just can't grip her tightly enough to restrain her.She just eats round them if I put them in her food.

He's not very happy about this and moans every time I ask him.It's just so frustrating not being able to do it myself.

Hope the mtx injections are working well.I found them so much better than taking the ghastly


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