handling horribly fit and adventurous in-laws

Hi, my husbands family are very fit - h is father is in his 80s and still cliimbs mountains etc. They're organising an allotment party again, - sister who is very nice, has an allotment on a quite steep slope. Last time we went and were rescued by the Scottish weather - a sea mist crept up and we had to go home early. But the event involves most people sitting on the ground eating stuff and me on a folding chair feeling conspicuous and uncomfortable. ANyway we have one of these to look forward to and I wondered if anyone had any brilliant insights.

Thanks if anyone comes up with anything. I hope I'm coherent, but my kitten is watching the letters come up on my computer screen and purring!

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Perhaps you could take a set of deckchairs with you as your contribution to the party and get your hubby to carry them so that at least some of the assembled company are higher up on your level? You can get sets of deckchairs online or from B&Q or garden centres pretty cheaply I believe? Then all you have to do is add some really soft old cushions and lightweight props for yourself to soften the torture? Sorry I can't think of other things but will work on it.

I sing in a small chamber choir and we had two concerts around the time my GP gave me the diagnosis. I was in such pain in my knees and wrists just then and knew i couldn't stand and hold the heavy music folder for any long period but I did really want to do both concerts. So at an arthritic friend's advice I ended up putting myself behind a pillar and keeping a seat and also making a card folder to replace heavy choir one. The woman playing the harpsichord in front of me tried to remove my chair but I told her I had RA and needed to sit down during solos etc and she looked horrified. If only it was always that easy to keep people right!!


yes deck.. chairs.. for all. love kittens can you post a pic xx?


It's so good to share experiences, I love your solution in the choir and the deck chair solution is perfect I've been looking them up on google

I'll try to post a pic of Arran the kitten who has already hunted down a buzzing thing and is causing mayhem


What about inflatable chairs. they are small, but once blown up are useful. When in the car they will be deflated. Hope you find something that wil help. Have a good time.



hi, im afraid i got to the stage with inlaws on field trips that i just told them i was not going as it made me ill for a few days after and that i didnt mind getting on with making food for later or keeping the kids etc, it was amazing as some of the other women felt the same way, we women now stay in the garden while whoever wants does the outdoor thing,bilss,better to be honest,my inlawys who are alot older than me were fine try it.



Your chair ENABLES you to participate, as do any other props you choose to take. So don't focus on being DISabled but what will enable you best. A set of chairs is a great idea:-) you can't be the only one who would welcome one!

Given your artistic nature - consider the higher seating as a good vantage point for sketching, photographing or in any other way 'capturing' this family grouping and tradition whilst the elder generation are still with you.

Cece x


Cece, a good point about being enabled. Yes being the official artist does give you quite a powerful role and reason for stopping and sitting. You're all very helpful, these aren't huge problems like searing pain and ruined joints but theyre still important. I shall go in search of chairs ESP ones that are ok to get in and out of...