You said be positive

Well nothing from the Doctor or Pensions yet but I thought oh well if i'm gonna be skint I may as well be skint on a high. So instead of waiting for the appointment for the MRI or the Pension and letting it all take over my thoughts I went and booked us a holiday.!!

I didn't do the usual my holiday (Africa, sahara, dirt, mossies) but booked to go to a nice hotel in Corfu in 2 weeks time. (probably still has sand, mossies,dirt!!!)

My mum, sister and nephew are coming to stay for a week next week then i'm off to Corfu, then i have V fest and Leeds fest. Phew

I think i will ask for a steroid before I go as the Doc said he would give me one as it would help me!? i will think whether thats a good idea or not. ~So you said be positive, is this just a bit TOO positive,ha ha, I'm going from one extreme to another at the moment ;) But i just have to live my life not just exist.


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All I can say to That is ABSOLUTELY, Its Quality, Enjoy your holiday and Take care of you


Lisa X


That sure is being positive, well done you!

I hope you enjoy the next few weeks and that it takes your mind off worrying about everything else. I know I am so looking forward to our holiday in August.

Mary x


You have seriously got the right attitude! I can but watch & learn. Steroids work for me in terms of energy & easing movement (I think, hard to know for sure what's doing what!) & I've been taking 10mg a day which I don't believe is a mega dose (?)

Enjoy it all,

Christina x


Have a wonderful time x


have a great time, [ looks like you will need another holiday after all that ] take care sue x


Brilliant... That's getting priorities in right order. Well done you.

I know some people hate them, or don't get much relief, but I find the steroid shots hugely helpful. there's something about having a break from the pain and general flatness that does much more for me than just that. Personally I hate taking steroid pills, as they make me go a bit loopy, and coming off them is so weird. But the jabs are the only injection/needle that I look forward too! Pollyx


Good for you. Positive it is then. I've just added anothe line on my tummy,if you run out of board games you can play noughts and crosses on my. Tummy !!! Oh the joys on hernia repairs.

Enjoy V FEST.



Wow Allanah, well done. Don't you just feel better from knowing you have a holiday booked?

This is the start of the rest of your life-enjoy.xxxx


Well done at least you can be guaranteed the sun enjoy! Hope you get the steroid injection because at that pace I would need one.




Wow!! Can I come too? (although not if you're going to play Barry Manilow)





Go you well done I got a holiday booked for October and on bad days it's all that keeps me going,so good luck and enjoy and sure the weather will be better than here!!!!! Xxx


Can i come too? well done. xxx


Ye feeling better for knowing i should get some sunshine and a break. I had a USS booked and i cancelled it till September cos i need a break from all this hospital stuff!! Thought they would question it but no thats fine they said!!! And its only to tell me i still have inflammation in my hands, i KNOW that!!!!

So if any one weighs less than 20kg (my luggage allowance) jump in!!!!

Will have to take my ipod full of Barry song Judy!!!!! RA songs like " cant walk without you" "lets hang on" " corno cornocabana" "i made it through the rain" and the favourite RA tune "ooowww Mandy" lol

See i'm cheered up already. Axx


oh i love your attitude i am far too cautious to do much at all, i need to take a leaf out of your book. Have a great time and i would go for the injection being a big fan of the steroids.


Well I can sit at home in pain or sit in the sun in pain, I will let u know how it goes !!!!


Please bring the sunshine and warm dry weather back. I'm selling my car as I'm getting Motability car in September and I think I'm going to do something similar. After all, holidays are good for your health right? Xx Angie


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