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Well tonight I'm off to the 02 Academy in Liverpool to watch my sons band performing. The last time I went to one of his gigs was about 3yrs ago, before I had ra. I had rather a lot to drink and was shamefully a little ill in the taxi on the way home...the fare that night was a bit more than expected! Anyway, I'm tea total now so no worries about taxi's, I've got some sketchers wedges which look a bit glam but are sooo nice to my feet, teamed with dark denims and a nice T I think I may pass the rock chick test! I'll leave off the oval 8 ring splint and try to elbow my way through the teenagers to a comfy chair. Best of all I will see my son performing. He makes me so proud and it will be great to be there supporting him.

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  • Isn't it nice to have something or someone to be proud of. Hope you have a lovely time. nYou show them young uns how to have a good time.xx

  • Enjoy yourself and beam with pride as well you should.

  • Have a fantastic time. Its great when our children let their talent shine. Enjoy X

  • enjoy your night hun and take lots of pics xxx

  • Rock on Paula, have a good night and i am sure you will be singing and beaming with pride...

  • Have a great time im a rock chic myself x

  • Thanks all, I had a great time and I'm a little bit deaf now. The lads performed really well and loved working the crowd. I've not got any photos because I'm too short at 5'2" to get a good view but they have a video on

    My son is the bass player in the black T shirt with the floppy fringe.

  • Something about northern music .. Beatles/Stone Roses/10cc/Bee Gees/Happy Mondays/Oasis/Simply Red .. etc etc ... its in our jeans :)

  • Hope you had a great time xxx

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