What a waste of the little energy I do have!!!!

I had a good day pain wise yesterday so I decided that if I woke up today not feeling too bad I would do some baking. I love to bake and am even thinking about opening my own business once my RA is more controlled.

Normal morning, breakfast, mum giving me a shower etc! Yeh theres no secrets in our house. :-)

Off I go to the kitchen mum has brought a new table for me to bake at, as in my wheel chair the work top was too high so that was really nice of her :-)

After looking through my many cookbooks I decided that an easy done before cupcake recipe was the way to go as I didn't want to over do it and I am off out tomorrow for a get together and I thought some nice cupcakes would be a nice gift for the host.

All I can say is thank god I couldn't fit two in the fridge and me and mum decided to taste them!

Well for a start I couldn't peal the paper from the cake, not a good start :-)

Splitting the cake in two was hard work it had gone stodgy and like a uncooked pastry???? Any ideas chefs???

They were definitly cooked when I got them out the oven.

I know this isn't really RA related but I put all my energy and effort into today and now I just feel really deflated!

This is the first time all week I've left the sofa and felt I have the energy too and it just went poop :-)

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Oh poor you Marnie - all that effort. Can't think what has gone wrong, unless your ingredients were not properly measured out. I usually weigh the eggs, and depending on what they weigh, measure out the same measures for flour, sugar and fat. Did you use butter instead of margerine? That can sometimes make cakes a bit stodgy and gooey. Or perhaps too much liquid in the mixing? That can also make a cake stodgy and a bit over moist which could explain not being able to get the paper off.

Not knowing quite what you did it is difficult to say. Does your mum have any ideas? Mums are usually very good at finding what went wrong.

Anyway, the main thing is you tried and it was a lovely idea. don't despair - cakes are like pastry - if you don't feel too good, nothing turns out right and if your hands are too hot, the pastry turns solid! Have a go on another day, make sure oven temps are right and don't rush. LavendarLady x

(PS I need talk - had forgotten I had put the potatoes on to cook and have burnt them. So had to do another panful and open the rear door to freshen the air and get rid of the burnt smell!)


Marnie you tried as ll said,well my friend on your way out to your get together call in at a supermarket and get some cupcakes and take them out of their packets put them in your caketin and claim them as yours!!!!!! lol

Sylvia. xx


och don't feel too deflated Marnie, that experience in the kitchen would have been a success for me - i usually get as far as opening the cookery book and then sighing whilst i close it knowing it would only end in tears, curses and the fire alarm going off! You did well!


It's bugging me so much! I've re read the recipe over and over wondering what went wrong. The Virgo in me likes perfection, hard with RA :-)

Asking mum was no use, bless her she is no delia! She's a good cook dont get me wrong but outside of dinners is a danger zone!

I'm off to be disgusting and take my lovely pipped icing off the tops and eat with an apple ;-) waste not want not hahaha.



I'm just wondering. If you used plain flour instead of self-raising. I did that once and it came out a bit like you describe.

Anyway enjoy the icing :)



The thing is that you did it thats the achievement, when I was really poorly I did lots of baking to try and distract myself from the pain!. my best creation was chocolate beetroot cake.. people couldnt guess the secret ingredient.. the recipe is here on the site somewere?.

Dont give up try a different recipe I dont make cup cakes just larger ones.. sometimes a trial taster or two off leftover mix becomes mini cupcakes.

I havent used them but you can buy silicon cases (non stick!) for cup cakes , they are resusable too.

Always preheat oven, lower temp slightly towards end of cooking so middle sets properly(check with clean knife blade or skewer if it comes out clean cake is done.


Good for you for trying! I love baking and sometimes things just don't turn out the way I expect and for no apparent reason. I am however extremely rubbish with anything that has to be rolled, pastry, marzipan and such. Don't be disappointed next time will be better. Xxx


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