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Survived my first Infliximab!

I was a bit scared, I tend to expect the worst but I'm home now, not still in hospital in an iron lung or something.

I was there 6 hours in all as the first infusion needs to be done slowly. I was given two paracetamols and a Piriton before we started. The canula had to be put in half way up my forearm as my veins were shy today. I did find the needle uncomfortable and sometimes painful during the infusion.

I was checked for blood pressure, temperature and O2 levels every 15 minutes. The actual infusion took about two and a half hours then I had to stay and be monitored for a couple of hours or so. My blood pressure was sky high when I got there but gradually dropped down to almost normal.

After the infusion was over the Piriton really kicked in and I fell asleep in my chair! I was also there over lunchtime so had a nice tray of food brought for me, I wasn't expecting that. Everyone was really nice and helpful.

I've not noticed any side effects yet but will report back tomorrow!


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Well done! It seems to me that one of the good things about the infusions is that you will be well looked after and have blood pressure taken and generally better monitored for being in hospital. Glad it wasn't too scary and I judy really hope it works brilliantly for you. Tilda x


Oops meant really not judy!


Keep us informed and I hope it works x


I'm still alive! One thing I noticed when I woke up was my eyes were watering, doesn't seem like much but my eyes have been so dry over the past 18 months, often my eyelids are dragging over my eyes when I wake up, my joints don't feel very sore at all. I feel a bit extra tired but not ill. Very early days but hoping this is the one that will work :-D XXX


I have not had this done myself but it must be scarey the first time.

Thats good that everything went well and you are not having any reactions to the treatment.

Hope you start to feel the benefits soon.

Mary x


ye good for you, hope it works miracles for you xx


Pleased it went ok for you x


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