Camping trip!

Just a quick blog to say I've finally made it away in my van for the weekend. As I've been ill and only just getting back on my feet, my camping has had to go by the way. I'm at Farnham, Surrey in a field near to the castle as they have a carnival fayre this weekend. I go with a group as its a much cheaper way of doing it - £25.00 for 3 nights isn't bad value and that's a bit more than we usually pay. I'm selling my van at the end of September when my camping season is over as I get my new car then and I'm getting a caravan instead so I can still use the car. I shall sleep well tonight with all this fresh air.

Blog soon

Angie xx

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  • Hi Angie

    have a good trip and I hope the restr & relaxation helps your ra. Remember to pace yourself

    Joanne x

  • Hi Joanne, cheers for that. I've got my wheelchair with me and my sticks. There is a long hill on the way down to town and I think my poor dad will be the one doing the pushing if I can't get a bus back. !! I will try and put a photo up when I get home. Xx

  • Ooh Angie I'm so jealous! I love camping and used to spend most weekends away with OH and doggies. We couldn't go last year because I was in too much pain being undiagnosed and this year the rain has been too heavy. I'm really hoping things will improve soon so we can get back out there. Enjoy your trip, lucky you

    Paula x

  • Paula, tell me about the rain! I've been wanting to get away for past few weeks, and every weekend the wind howls and the rain poors. I don't normally mind the weather but it does help when its dry. Do you tent, caravan or campervan? It was very hot and humid to get here which is about an hour and half from home. I just have my twins with me and they love it. My mum and dad always camp with me too in their own motorhome with their little king charles cavalier spaniel called honey. That way my dad helps with setting up and doing the things I can't do. My mum is disabled too with collapsed discs in spine so he is used to it. It is hard when confined to base due to weather or if I'm having a bad pain day. Let's hope the weather settles soon or my summer trip touring devon and somerset will be a bit damp. Maybe see you on a camp site in the future.

    Take care

    Angie xx

  • Have a lovely time. Hope the weather is kind to you.

    Wendy x

  • I love caravanning and camping. We are at a wedding this weekend then caravanning next weekend, but hope I'm not doing to much, hey but if so, laying on those comfy seats in the van with the countryside view is always a treat.


  • I have had a lovely break from it all Allanah but oh boy do I ache from the stepping in and out of van. Our park setting was wonderful, and the weather wasn't too bad - couple of showers and windy at times. I've done all the laundry, but the ironing will take days as I've my families pile to do as well. I don't mind ironing - weirdly I find it therapeutic!

    Angie xx

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