Assessment tomorrow to move onto anti-TNF drug

Hi Everybody, the sun's been out all's bank holiday Monday and the sun is still out.....!! How does the song go...."...the sun has got his hat on...hip hip hip hooray..."

Big warm sunny hugs to all, have been reading your blogs even though I've not been able to be very active on the blog site myself.....great news for those of you getting some relief and my heart goes out to those of you still under the pain of this awful disease.

Just a quick update on my situation, basically the current drugs I've been taking are no longer working at all, even Pred no longer gives me the relief it once did....that was a real blow as it was my fall back! The flare ups are almost continual now.....the worst part are my wrists, fingers and now my shoulders are starting to be attacked.....and I can feel my toes starting to flare up as well! The most mundane everyday tasks are now becoming very's so debilitating!!!

However, I have my assessment tomorrow with my rheumy and hopefully...with everything crossed, they will finally agree to start me on Cimzia. I've had such a battle to get to this stage and really hope I get some good news after tomorrow.

Well 'Happy Bank Holiday' to you all and let's enjoy this sunny weather while it lasts.

Lots of love. xx

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  • sorry to hear this.. good luck with the cimza x

  • Sorry to hear your are still suffering. I am hopefully going onto comzia when i get back from holiday. Hugs to you.xx

  • anti tnf , have being life changing for me ,, i hope its the same for you ... good luck ,, tomorrow ,, i`ll keep my fingers crossed it all goes well .. xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Good luck for tomorrow. Hope you soon feel better.

  • Best of luck for tomorrow. Tilda x

  • Hope it goes well, sounds as if you really need it. Px

  • Thanks to you all for your good luck messages yesterday. I have been given the news I wanted....and needed.....they've agreed I can go onto Cimzia.....such relief! Really picked my spirits up. xx

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