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Hi Guys That's me set up at work using a dongle for access to the Internet, As I said i just sit or stand at my desk it's great i can keep in touch during the day when i was getting home at night sometimes i was to tired to go online, The next thing is how much longer can I keep working since the RA found it's way into my hips my mobility is even less and getting in and out of the car is agony for me, Mark's suggestion is for me to lie on a stretcher he can lift me then push me in the rear door with my feet sticking out with a rag tied to my Big Toe Indicating Big Hazard Ahead, So Funny that's Frans boy for you. Matt

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  • LOL !!!! Thankyou for making my Monday morning start with a good laugh !!!,hope you're ok and so sorry to hear about your hips :((( take care Michelle x

  • Hi Michelle, Thank you already getting great support here from others who have and had trouble with their hips, Have a pain free day if that's poss.Matt

  • made me smile. Although I am sorry you are. Having such a bad time but you seem a very strong person and this obviously helps you. I wish you well. Maryx

  • Hi Mary, Thank you if the RA stays away from my sense of humor I will be alright, And you have a pain free day also. Matt

  • Hi

    I've just zoomed in from the pain Concern site. The image conjured up of you arriving at work would make at brilliant

    Matt cartoon.

    Don't let the bugger get you.

    Space hopping around you site has made me realise just how lucky I am.

    Keep on smiling.

  • Hi Ned you must see my next post i just about fell of my seat when i saw your profile pic, matt

  • What about if me and Mark got stopped with traffic police what would they say, Come here you pair of Toe Rags. Hee-Hee. Matt

  • Yes, I've realised you have a sense of humour...I think that's what keeps us all going...we had a mad evening on Friday on here and I laughed so helps to be a little crazy doesn't it but I do wish you well and am pleased you can still work...I even tried to get an afternoon in a charity shop...they wouldn't have me, that was a bit of a knock...and it was a Christian church shop and they said when I got to the door to go out I turned and said "Jesus would have hired me" !!!! Keep smiling. Maryx

  • Did you not tell them you were MARY!!! Matt

  • NO I didn't!!!!! What a waste of a name....especially when it would have been brilliant.!!! Maryx

  • Hi Matt, u must have had too much Guinness yesterday if u needed to be stretchered out to the car! Good luck at the docs xx

  • We can quareentee you to cheer us up Matt.xxxx

  • Sorry i am a bit late, just wanted to say you made me smile x

  • Haha here I am lying in bed waiting for medication to work so that I can get up and get on with the day and am now grinning at the picture of you being carried into work lol will let my boss know that there is now a new way for me to get to work on bad days :)

    Jen x

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