I step forward, 2 step backward!!!


I've been quiet for a while as I have been really depressed, but my mood seems to have lifted since the pain has subsided.

I had a flare whilst on the steroids a little while back so my mtx was uped from 10 to 15mg, this wkend.

I am finding I take one step forward and two steps back. I am pain free now 9 days. I came off the anti-d's as they made me sick last wk, so as not to interfer with the increased dose sof mtx this weekend. So last wk I only felt well for two days this friday & saturday.

Today as usual I am really drained of energy and I have noticed some hair thinning again. I have attributed this to the increase doseage of mtx and am hoping I will not loose as much as last time. I am also got some stomach upset and mild diarrhoea. See what I mean by 2 steps back!!!

I am not grumbling as the main thing was to reduce the pain, as that was really getting me down. But the drugs are taking their toll and I am really feeling tired and almost zombied by sunday & monday after taking mtx. I suppose this is mtx & steroids?

Hope all is well with you all,

Have a pain free week

Sci xxx

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Im afraid those side effects are due to the increased mtx dose.. which day is the mxt day for you.I was always tired on that day and the following day(I used to take my mtx either with breakfast or lunch.. my day was friday.

Could you get folic acid presrcibed every day except your mtx day to help with your symptons? x


Hi Summer

I split the dose of MTX on saturday & take it after breakfast & after either lunch or evening meal, in an attempt to minimise the affects.

I'll will see how I go & think about taking folic acid daily, rather th, 5mg once a week.




i think you should try the folic acid daily, that what i do-but i did have to change to injections as i did not tolerate the tablets at all, horrible side effects. i really hope you start to improve, i totally understand how your feeling, so big hugs x


Thanks x


Sending you my love,Hope the increased mxt helps. xx


Morning sciqueen, I didn't put too much down last night as i had just got back from the hospital with hubby. He had another attack of what was wrong with him a couple of weeks ago. He has been sorted i hope. Please next time you have a down spell come onto this site and blog. It helps to have someone to talk to, i have found that the people on here are very supportive, and i have found it has helped me.

Hope you soon start to feel brighter soon,but please message me if you feel like that again,i'm not much good for anything else but i can talk to you and try to lift your spirits.

Sylvi. xx


Many thanks, I will try & remember that next time I find myself down in the dumps.

cheers Joanne


An Update

This morning I am suffering from moderate queeziness. I cannot face breakfast at moment as I feel so unsettled. Did not sleep good last nite (woke up repeatedly) due to the unsettling feeling. Thus it continues into monday again!

Joanne x


You want to get arrowroot biscuits they are supposed to help queasiness. When are you back at rheumy if not shortly you want to ring them and tell them how your feeling.

love sylvi.xx


also a really long hot bath with regular top ups- i always fins when i actually dont eat it helps (does not really happen these says as since im off the painkillers i eat everything in sight!) but supposidly fasting can help xxx hope u feel better, i had sweet f**k all sleep last night-i am doing a work placement and was supposed to have a room to myself because of my r.a.-if i cant sleep, i get worse-im a very very light sleeper and i suffer from bad bouts of insomnia! now last night a girl came who is now sleeping on my floor, snoring and talking in her sleep! life just keeps on getting better!! and nobody listens but on this site!! i hope you start to feel better soon x


Hubby has been in the loft and got my decorations down for me,so the next job is to sort out what i want to put up. My house looks like santas grotto by the time we're finished. He is off the drugs thay were making him bad,so now we'll wait and see how he goes. You will have to get some ear plugs girl that'll help. Just to make you feel more sick!!! i've finished wrapping my xmas presents. Thought that would make you groan!!!!

Take care sylvi. xx



Yes I am sort of jel. I have only 2 more presents to purchase. My boys will do the decorating, so at least we don't have to do that anymore. Yes I still have to wrap them and we have sorted out our meat - ordered that for collection from M&S. So we are not far behind you!

Take care Joannex


Like you Joanne family will have to put them up. Hubby told me off when he found out i'd been in the loft and got the tree down. Got a turkey,saved the coupons in the sun and had a free one,not very big,but big enough for us three. Got cards to write today,but i will have to have help with that as i struggle with writing a lot of cards.

How are you feeling today? Hope your feeling brighter,i never put better as we'll never be better and better to me means you've been healed and that doesn't work with us ra folk.

Love sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi

Stomach is still a bit queezy, but other than that I am feeling much better. Had enough energy today to venture outside and I went to collect my new prescription glass's, rather than leave them to be picked up on saturday. Well pleased with them.

Cheers Joannex


good on you. Hope they look lovely. xx


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