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Here is the news

This is going to be a good story for a change. Had a good nights sleep last night. This morning the plan was to go to bedworth and do a few things and then go down the hospital to get some bloods done,which we did but the blood bank was so full i said sod it i'm not spending an hour or more before it was my turn. So we left and on the way home i suggested to hubby we call in at the peugot garage and see what cars they had on motorbility. What turned out to be a 2-3 hr visit and the upshot of it is we are now waiting to take delivery of a new car.

We test drove it,well hubby did as i'm still not fit enough to drive yet. It is a lovely car, car well thats a misnomer as it looks more like a 4+4. It is nice and high for me to get in an out of with ease. It has a boot with a drop down so it is easier for hubby to get my scooter in and out. The best thing about it is that my hubby likes its and says it is easy to drive. That is all that matters is that he is happy with it. We are hoping that when my knee gets better i will be able to drive it as well.

Only trouble with our little trip out this morning is that it has wiped me out. So if anyone notices that i haven't been on here much today,now you know so please excuse me today.

I hope that everyone else has a good a day as us.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Good to hear that Sylvi. Hope you will get a chance to drive it.

I still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that doing things I took for granted now make me extremely fatigued. I suppose pacing yourself is something we have to get used to. xx


Hi Sylvi

that's good news about the car. Hopefully your knee will get well enough, so that you can return to driving.

You may be zonked out now, but I hope you and hubby both enjoyed your shopping trip lol. When will you get the new car?

Rest up & take it easy.



hi sylvi

sounds like you had a good day,but for that good day you will prob sadly have to suffer tomorrow but at least you will soon have your new car and i know through reading you blogs you will not give up and i know you will be driving soon,me on other hand is so low i can,t get myself out of it constanty pain,cold,and dwp have stopped my money so very down at mo :-( ;-(


appeal,you have worked for years so that if you needed help it would be there for when you need it,not those lazy so and sos who come to this country and claim everything that you have paid into. xxxx


yes Sylvi i agree those that work all there lives get nothing seems so unfair


Hello girls,the car comes at the end of july and yes i do hope i will be able to drive it in the end,if not my hubby has a car that won't let him down. The fatigue i don't think we ever get used to. I find if i'm having a good day i want to do things and i always pay for it in the end. I have a body of a 90yr old and the mind of someone in their 20s. xxxx


Solidarity on this one Silvi. xxx


wish you well to drive it sylvi xx


Thanks, i think i won't be driving until near xmas if i'm lucky,but i live in hope. xxxx


hi sylvi i have to wait to see what they decide they say because my hubby works a few hours a week i,am not entitled to esa,then yesterday i got told by jobcentre they are gonna try get me back to work and that i should try going to a gym as part of pain management, i so can,t wait till 9th july to see if they gonna give me a ne knee and find out if i have ra in hands and with my post tramatic stress disorder as well not sure if i coming or going or infact already been and come back lol i try to stay positive but some proffessionals are just not helping.......end of rant hugs to you all


Hi Sylvi,

Exciting news about the car, I'm sure with your determination you will get to drive it at some point, in the meantime you can enjoy being driven round in a nice motor.

I had bloods done today, so will be keeping fingers crossed (ouch, I should know not to do that by now), that my ALT/AST markers have come back down,

Glad you had a good day, have a restful day tomorrow to make up for it,

Mary x


That's great news Sylvi - something to aspire to and hopefully look forward to giving you much greater independence - I really am pleased for you - I look forward to seeing a pic of it soon! TTx


great news, take care, sue x


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