Pain party

Pain party

Morning all,its 3am and i'm downstairs,all because my RA wants to join in the pain party. Both knees hurt as well as my little pinkies. I fell asleep abot 11pm and i was sleeping very well until i needed the loo. With my knee like it is when you know you want to go you must move it. Only trouble was i couldn't get back to sleep despite taking 2 paracetamols. So now i have a bag of peas on my knee and after i have finish this post i will try and get my head down.

Wishing you have had a good nights sleep when you read this message. xxxx

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morning , snap. be up most of the night went to bed at , 10.30, fell asleep for a hour , then up for the loo, been wake, sins . just took some tablets so hopeing , i can go back to bed for a bit,as so tried, hope you can get a hour or two, as well , wishing you good night,x


Its frustrating isn't it. I am on my recliner so if i do drop off i will be comfy. I have a bag of peas on my knee and i'm yawning like i don't know what. Hope you get back to sleep. xxx


yes vary ,going to get a hot milky drink, might help. lay on softer and put a film on,, o happy days,xx


Please go back to your dr and see if he can get you better pain meds to take at night, also I know someone that swears by the pain gel. She also had a knee replacement and used to rub it in regularly , might be worth a try? Never used it myself so not sure if it would help severe pain. I have a electric heat pad and swear by my electric blanket, it helps me loads in the night with pain, I hate that horrid tooth ache pain that gets into the centre of the bone. I have an electric bed which helps me to change my position a bit ESP when I am in too much pain to move. I can't think of anything else to offer you Sylvi , I wish you some relief soon. Take care x


I know feeling when you cannot sleep long night,have been up since 4.30am seem to sleep for hort time then ---no more. When i am sore i have hairdryer sitting beside where i sit all day. Have gone through 5 hairdryers with constant use.

If some of these Drs. had RA they might understand more.


When this happens to me I try reverse phsicology (< spelling ?) and tell myself that I am going to stay awake whatever happens. This usually works.

It is so annoying when you are having a good nights sleep and then need to go to the loo and then cant get back to sleep again.

Besides the aches and pains I usually find my 'plates of meat' are too hot so then it's another trip to the bathroom to run cold water over my feet. I wouldn't mind but they were probably ok until I needed the loo.

Here I go again I seem to have a fettish with talking about the bathroom/loo !!

Hope you all got to sleep in the end.



Morning girlies!! As you can see i have been back to bed and i slept until nearly 8am. I feel realy bright eyed and bushy tailed at the moment. I am eating toast and marmalade and i'm getting another cup tea coming. I went back at 4am and surpisingly i slept.

I also have an electric bed and we wouldn't be without it. I am begining to hate the loo !! in the night as it takes me ages to get back to sleep. My pinkies still hurt,but it is a lovely day outside and i would like to think i could have a little walk round our close,we'll see later.

Well girlies i hope you all managed some good quality sleep.

love to you all sylvi.xx


We must have similar beds but have moved house and cannot use it as

when i switch on treatment all floorboards rock and roll.


Hi all,

I woke about 4.30 and couldnt get back to sleep until time to get up . Hence only just had a bath and turned on computer.

I too find that I sleep for a couple of hours and then wake up with everything aching. The right knee that needs replacing has an unusual sharp stabbing pain inside the knee cap. Did not have this with left knee anyone else experience this type of pain?

I feel pretty low this morning and feel about a 100. Would just like some pain free time to be normal.

Sorry to moan I think my 60th is really getting to me.

Hope you all have a good day.



Sam, i am sending you lots of hugs as you sound like you need them. You sound like you knee will need doing in the near future,good luck with that.

Morning girls and boys if any of you are reading this don't want to say i'm sexist"/^ I feel great today mentally anyway. I even managed a walk round the close with hubby. I'm not yet ready to do it on my own,but i'll get there. The sun is shining and i have to say it does have an effect on me,i feel so much better when its nice.

Hope you have a lovely day with this nice weather.



Thank you for your hugs. I am really scared to have the right knee replaced I have not got over the memories of the left one. I did not think that I was a wimp but the TKR pain was unbearable. I just do not feel up to going through it again.

Glad the sun is shining for you and you are feeling great mentally.

Sam x


Sam, having the knee replaced will be a lot easier op than if they had to take an already done knee like the one i had. Having the knee replacement was a walk in the park to what i'm going through now. So sam go for it and think by xmas you might be able to do a bit of dancing,hell i might be able to do a bit of dancing myself. Now that would be a sight to



Thanks for that - sounds horrid. Good luck with the dancing.

I might have to wait until after Summer as my daughter is getting married in California. I cannot miss that. Suppose I could get a wheelchair.



Get yourself a scooter and put wedding ribbons on it,it will be better than a wheelchair. You must not miss your daughters wedding. Have a lovely time. xx


Hi Sylvi,

You sound in really good spirits today, that's fantastic.

Glad you had a little walk with hubby.

So pleased you are feeling a little bit brighter, roll on some nice weather again.

Enjoy your day, take care.

Mary x


I am having a good spell,i don't know how long it will last,but boy will i enjoy it and if my optomism rubs off on you all then all the better.xxxx


Pleased you are feeling better x


I just hope it lasts. I still feel brighter than i have done just lately. The swelling is going down only slightly,i can see a difference and feel the difference. I'm aware that it is a long road i'm treading and it might not always be like this. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. My ra decided it wants to play as well,it didn't want to be left out.

Hope your feeling ok,i never say well as we will never be well. Anyway i hope your brighter.



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