Morning all, as you can see by the time,its only 5.30am. I am down here because hubby went and lost his car key. This was at 4.30am and he came upstairs looking for it. I had just got up and was about to come downstairs to help him look for it,when he said i have found it on the floor. I went back to bed and he went of to work. I tried to get back to sleep,but found it difficult as my knee is very sore.

I am only about three weeks away from having my knee done and it can't come sooner. Its really sad isn't it when you look forward to having an operation. My hands are very sore as well. I am staying indoors today as the weather is going to be very wet and windy As i'm writing this it hasn't started to rain yet. I think i will have to feed my neighbours cat before it does start to rain. I also think i will have the heating on as it will be so wet and i don't want to be anymore sorer than i am already.

Hope you all have a lovely day. xxx

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You stay in with the heating on nice and snug. Do you not have a wax bath for your hands? Oh if only we all lived closer and we could share our gadgets etc.

Hope you manage to catch a nap in your chair.

Have a lovely day x

Julie X


I've been dozing since 5.30 I know the early morning radio so well! Keep well and warm today

Cathie xx


Thanks Cathie, i end up putting the news on so i know all whats happening in the world. Hope you get some more sleep. Sylvi.xx


I often have the world service playing very softly, so I can't quite hear it all night. Through my iPod earphones I hasten to add in case you worry about my poor husband !

That cat gets an early breakfast. Mine has a front row view of the garden birds

Have a good day


Thanks julie, i do have a wax bath. I also got this week a pair of elastic straps for my wrists and hands, and it keeps them very warm, I got them from aldi and they were £2.99 so i got two,i'm thinking i might get another couple of pairs as they sweat and i need to wash them. I have put the heating on and i have a shawl over my knee as its so painful.

I nipped next door before the rain started and fed the cat and as usual he was at the door waiting for me. We won't see much of him today as my friends come back from holiday tonight. That cat knows when they are coming home.

Have a good day julie and i hope you don't suffer too much. xxx


What is it today? I have also been awake since 5am. I think the wind woke me up so I just dozed for a while. Couldn't make a cup of tea because it is Alendronic acid day and that must be taken on an empty stomach and then no laying down afterwards. Ah well, hope you all have a good day. I am working from home so I least I don't have to go out in this awful weather.

Keep warm and stay dry,

Carole x


Looks like you all are getting the wind and rain we had a couple days ago, so hang in there, stay warm and cozy, this too shall pass! Sun to follow! Lxx


Loretta you could have kept it over there!!! I haven't gone out at all. i fed my neighbours cat and thats been it. My knee is sore and my fingers are horrible today. to say i'm fed up is an understatement. The tv is rubbish as well and i have read the papers.

At least the sun has started to poke his head through. How long that will last heavens knows.

I have heard from the hospital that done my knee to start with and as you might guess they are not blaming themselves, their words were that sometimes knees go wrong and there's nothing they can do. Typically covering their backs as normal. I will respond after i've had it sorted out and they will get a solicitors letter.

Its funny in this country, when your get a hosepipe ban you can quarentee it will rain. Aparently we are going to get a months rain in 72hrs. That will go some way to fill the rivers and lakes at least,but they still say it will be a hosepipe ban as we haven't had enough rain in the last 2 winters.

I am sitting here with a blanket on my knees and i'm having a hot flush,so on goes the fan to try and cool me off.

How are you doing now,are you able to use your wrist ok now.

love to you sylvia.xx


Hope you are feeling better x


Summer i have done nothing all day. I have had a blanket on my knee as it gets so cold. In myself i don't feel to bad,just my joints ache, my fingers are like logs, stiff and very thick. I look forward to a few days dry weather, not sure when thats going to happen. Hope your keeping in goodish health. xx


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