Sudden knee pain

Hi all,

Just wondering if you can help at all, you may recall I had to visit GP this week when I pulled a muscle after coughing. Well since driving myself to GP I have had severe pain and stiffness in my right knee, it is very painfull to bear weight on, but not painfull when I sit down. There is no swelling, but feels swollen and hot. Could this just be something pulled from driving or RA related?

Sorry for another long post.


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  • Long?! Seems quite short and to the point to me! Without beating around the bush it really does sound like RA to me. Of course, it might not be and you do need to see your gp or rheumy pronto whether it is or is not RA. In the past I found that driving longer distances was one of the worst possible things for my knees though the extra soreness caused was not particularly long-lasting. Hope it turns out to be just a pulled muscle but do get it checked out, good luck. Luce xx

  • Thanks for your reply Luce, will make an appointment for GP this week. Need to get some test results back anyway so ill kill to birds with one stone.

  • Hi - I had a similar experience on Boxing Day where my knee suddenly acquired a sharp pain in it - only lasted 24 hours and wasn't swollen but then I rarely have any visible swelling with my RA. Wondering now if I imagined it - but then my friend phoned to thank me for Boxing Day lunch and said that she hoped my knee was better - she could tell I was in pain even though I'd said nothing. I don't really ever believe I have this disease but sometimes its hard to deny it too! Suggest you keep a diary of these pains for yourself and doctors as a record with photos of visible swelling. It helps from the point of view of knowing when and if you get into remission. Tilda x

  • Thank you Tilda,

    My limp is quite noticeable, as soon a I put weight on it I get the pain, not very painful whilst sitting though. It feels like something is inside pressing on knee cap. I don't drive very often so thought I might have pushed too hard and strained my knee or something. Who knows!,,, will have to wait and see what doc says.


  • I had exactly this pain for 24 hours but its gone away now. Its so annoying isn't it? Tilda x

  • Hi Titchyj, Driving is never good with RA in the knee. I have something that will not help you immediately, but it has helped me a lot with my knees. It's a booklet called "Treat Your Own Knees" by Jim Johnson- It's worth reading and doing the exercises. But do go and see a doctor or a nurse for short term help. Wish you all the best.

  • Thanks Willyb, will bear this book in mind, I haven't been diagnosed with RA as of yet, had loads of tests, waiting for the results. I do however, suffer with fibromyalgia and a load of other problems. Will keep you informed of any outcome, still in a lot of pain with the knee.

  • I have also had that before, It's not very nice at all, I just put it down to the RA, as it seem to go the following day, Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  • Hello there, hope you get an answer soon from your tests.

    I also suffer from inexplicable knee problems; sometimes there is swelling, always pain to varying degrees, feels like there is something behind knee cap. The worst is being woken up with knee pain (like now at 4am [must take photos for rheumy to prove my point]) or long drives (even in an automatic).

    After some ice packs and rest the pain passes... But its very annoying.

    Hope you manage to find something that works for you.

    All the best,


  • Thanks farjer for your comments, will let you all know when I get my results and diagnoses of this knee pain.


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