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Backward steps

I feel as if I am taking backward steps this week and am very low and not sure where to turn to for help or advice. My thumb has swollen up and is useless - I am struggling to fasten buttons squeeze tubes and open things - just like I was before being diagnosed. This morning the ball of my foot was swollen and painful and I couldn't put it to the floor. The first thing I do every morning is turn to the ibuprofen just to get my joints moving. I hate this so much. I was due to see my consultant in April but he is running about 3 months late. My nurses can only do so much and I hate to keep ringing them, it makes me seem like a real whinger. How RA can have such a big effect on our lives is crap and I'm so fed up with it.

Thanks for listening and I know you'll understand and I'm sorry for the rant. X

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Hi Mags

i would urge you to contact your Nurses. If they are doing their job, they should be more than willing to help you. You are not whinging. The pain is so godawful, it's like nothing else on earth.... not that I have experienced anything, but i do know what it is like to wake up feeling C**P and there is nothing worse than not being able to use your hands. There is a constant reminder whenever you do anything that it bloody well hurts!!!! So please contact them... Have you tried the wax baths. Or just warm water will do it. Look after yourself.

Julie x


Mags, you ring the nurses thats what their paid for. Try putting your foot in a bowl of cold water when you get up and see if that helps,same with your hands,i find putting my hands in cold water lets go some of the heat,hope this helps you. Don't worry about whingeing we all do it at times and we all understand what your going through.

love sylvi.xx


Hi Mags,

I too think you need to contact the nurses again.

I've found putting my hands in hot water helps, gets rid of that stiffness feeling.

I think its good for us all to have a whinge.

Good luck getting some help.



Rant away please if it helps then its good. I read that you are in same meds as me and felt full of dread as presently doing pretty well on these two drugs - not pain free but not at all troubled by the RA for once. If my fingers and ball of feet swell up again I will get very low too so you have all my sympathy. Hugs, Tilda x


Thanks ladies I will call my nurse today as my right hand is awful this morning and I am a bit worried. Should be funny (if it wasn't so painful) just trying to hold a pen and write at work today :(


ihi i understand how you feel, but i,m sure things will get better, you have to keep pestering them , i know its not nice but sometimes you have to do these things, my feet were playing up and its very painful to even put a sock on, never mind try to walk, but they will sort you out in the end, take care xx


Have you seen an occupational therapist yet? i went to our local NRAS group meeting last night where the talk was given by our OT. She recommended that we see her for splints for hands/thumbs etc sooner rather than later. I specifically asked about thumbs as mine has been painful lately. All you have to do is ask you GP or consultant to refer you direct.She said it was really important to support these joints when they are painful as this can help prevent long term damage. I already have wrist splints and they make a real difference when my wrists and hands play up.

Good luck



No-one has ever mentioned this Sue but I will definitely ask the nurse about a referral as it sounds as if it could be very beneficial.

Writing is a nightmare today, I'm just glad work is not too busy :)


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