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Baby steps

My gorgeous whirlwind started walking this week (at 11 months), she takes my breath away and I can't believe how wonderful she is and I'm so lucky to have her, I'm especially lucky to have my RA under control so I can keep up with her!

Just on a whim I decided to post this, I think as since being diagnosed I have had so much support from all of you that I wanted to share my good 'stuff' also :)

This week I've been walking miles! I met my son (who is just as wonderful) from school and walked home with him, went cycling with baby strapped in her baby seat and fed the ducks and walked down to our high street and back for first time since being ill, I find myself smiling at everyone :)

I don't mean to brag, I just want to share my joy, hope your all having a lovely day!

yes, baby steps sounds about right!

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Wiliby, thank you. that is a lovely blog. So pleased to be able to share in your joy. Babies are so wonderful as each new thing comes along. Now you will need eyes in the back of your head! Sounds as if you have had a good weekend and I am so glad for you. And you have been so active as well.

Happy blogs are a joy to read. Best wishes. LavendarLady x


Oh this is such a delightful post Williby - takes me back to my own three boys at toddler stage and I feel very proud of you for getting to this point and for appreciating motherhood so fully after all you've been through. Well done you! Tilda xxxx


Hi Williby,

So glad things are getting brighter for you and your baby and little son, hopefully you won't look back and everything will continue to improve.

Such a nice blog, I was just out by the beaches sitting on a wall with my crutches and there was lots of little ones running around and dogs a plenty. Some kids in paddling!!! Clear blue skies. We actually all had a 99 ice cream, but the sun went down early and you would know winter nights closing in early.

Best Wishes, Gina.


How wonderful, made me smile too :) Congratulations, will not be long before you are not having to carry her everywhere, so your hip can have a rest! My first born, now five, was walking very early too, but my second son seemed to understand my begging for him to walk so waited until this summer to start to walk, he is 21 months old now and still loves nothing better than my being carried- so lazy! Enjoy all the magic moments. Regards Mel


Lovely blog,good to hear a good story on here. Very uplifting. Long may it continue for you. Pleaase could we see photos of your lovely children. xxx


what a breath of fresh air some nice news x


hello all!

thank you for all your kind comments,

LavenderLady, it is wonderful to feel like this :) I would have posted a pict Sylvi but having problems with laptop at moment, I will post one soon as I get it sorted...Tilda, thats lovely to be told your proud of me :) as anyone else who has lost their Mum will understand and no matter what age we are, we miss being told that, so thank-you x

Gina, glad your out and about today, hope things are getting better for you :)

Mel, yes hip getting rest now but she tends to hang onto my leg constantly, cute really, how are you getting on now, RA under better control yet?

Thanks Alison, you haven't blogged for a while????

Hehe scouser, no smiles back just strange looks prob at the woman grinning at nothing :)

anyway, thanks all again, she's fast asleep now and off to watch the x factor results, oooh the excitement



What a lovely blog!

Wiliby it is So nice to hear your up and about chasing your little one.



HI Wilby

Cannot believe that you are out cycling and walking - what next????? Love hearing about the little one, so cute when they are up and walking.

Hope it stays good for you


What a super blog -- good to hear your good news !!

All the best



thanks all :)

hope it last forever!



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