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One step closer to normality :-)


Well with the beautiful weather monday I could not resist another bike ride along the canal to shipley park in Derbyshire for a picnic with my partner. We went bid mad and did go further than planned and yes I am suffering a little. BUT it was so worth it as painkillers r keeping pain manageable and got a short working week so can rest up soon (this would not have been possible few months ago so I am feeling really positive).

Had my grommets fitted today too so hope that my hearing (bad since diagnosed with ra) will soon return to pre ra levels. One step at a time, but do feel that I am getting some normality back in my life.

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Glad you enjoyed your bike ride. Sorry your suffering afterwards,but it always happens doesn't it,but as long as you feel it was worth it thats

I used to have lots of aching muscles from all the exercise I used to do so this has just changed to joint pain. But seriously I knew it would hurt a bit going from little bit of walking to a long bike ride, but the cycling hurts less than trying to walk any distance. Its trial and error in the sun, so long may it last.

Hope it shows others (specially newcomers to the site who r still very scared about their future) that this disease isnt all doom and gloom once meds work for you

Hi hope your grommets work for you. nothing worse then not hearing to well. its so frustrating this RA always one step forward then two back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


A nice blog and hope the grommets are a real boost to you and that you get plenty more bike rides over the summer. X

Well done you. Keep going with the exercise and you could take off the 'nottsex' from the front of your name!! :-)

Haha - not thought bout that but yeah u have a gd point and it could even stop the misconceptions surrounding that part of my name heehee


I can really relate to this blog ..... when things start to feel more normal it's such a good feeling. Hope you go from strength to strength. x

Thanks for the positive comments.

I dont blog that often but do read blogs/questions most days and noticed we have lots of newcomers scared about their future. This reminded me how scared I was this time last year. So I wanted to show, I still do have underlying issues, BUT it is improving. Hopefully giving hope to others :-)

Yes. And have you forgiven me for splitting your nott-sex name up yet :-)

Haha yeah. Cant believe I hadnt seen it before u pointed it out - how nieve of me heehee


Glad your are feeling better and enjoying life again even though you have some pain after your bike ride, but it all seems worth it to enjoy a bit of normality doesnt it. well done and thank you for sharing. Its a long time since i was able to ride my bike but hearing this gives me hope that i may one day be able to ride mine again . I was going to sell it as i thought i would never get back on it but think now i will hold onto it a while longer . Hugs lena xxx:)

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Hi Lena, I had physio for my shoulder and wrist problems about 6 months ago and on my first visit I was told I was being unrealistic and hadnt accepted my diagnosis. She told me I would never go cycling again and I burst into tears. Over the next few months as she got to know how important sport was/is to me she changed her mind and gave me extra excercises to gradually build up my muscle tone.

I do keep on with my daily physio excercises (just reducing intensity when sore) and the result is im back on my push bike, swimming and even go to the gym for gentle resistance work.

Its not always easy and I do still get the start of flares and other issues but its going in the right direction and I feel the fight is worth it. I just hope this blog brings hope to u and others on here.

Good luck to everyone out there fighting this awful disease.