Good friday or not

Good friday or not

Happy easter to one and all. I hope this finds you fit and well or wellish!! I have been up since 5.00am this morning as i had tossed and turned most of the night. So today i am a tired teddy bear. I have dozed some of the day. This morning i went to bedworth and got the veg from town and had a look round the market and came home,it was not very warm, hubby put a blanket on my knees as the last time i went out without it i got very cold and my knee was like ice and boy did it hurt.

On a happier note we have had fresh rhubarb of the allotment first of the spring season and it was very nice. Hubby has set his potatoes today and i see we have broad beans stickng their heads above the ground already. I love the spring when everything is starting to grow it fills you with optimism.

Sylvi. xxxx

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Sounds like you've had a very nice day. It's been raining here most of today so I spent the day straightening the house ready for Andy's return tomorrow. Resisted any temptation to have my usual Good Friday fish and chips and hot cross buns. Rhubarb sounds lovely, I'd love to grow some but my vege patch is only small and I believe its poisonous to dogs so can't grow in the garden. x


I haven't heard it's poisonous for dogs Paula - we've got it in our garden but the dog's not interested in it. It does grow very big here and is a devil to get rid of and I think it makes the soil quite acidic. My parents ashes were planted in the old rheubarb patch with two trees on top and we relocated the rhubarb. Now the trees have never really taken although they have got lots of buds on. Hubby wants to dig up the lawn around them and replace with bark as he feels they will probably grow better with that but I'm not sure. Your allotment sounds lovely - as does you hubby Sylvi! TTx


I've read it's the leaves which are toxic to dogs Tilda but as your dogs are not interested in it you'll be ok. Mine on the other hand is a greedy pig! Being a labrador she will eat anything she can and she's particularly fond of compost. Bird poops and garden bark also go down very nicely. I have to put gravel in the top of all my garden tubs or she just munches the contents whenever I'm not looking.


Morning girls, The allotment is coming along nicely,spuds in so will look forward to some nice new spuds.

I have had a rough night,not sure if i've got a cold or what it is. I was down here until hubby went to work and then i got back into bed and i slept in until 6.45am. My sinuses are blocked so it could be that. My joints have also have been giving me hell last night as well.

Today i'm home alone so i'm not sure what i'm going to do today.

Have a lovely easter ladies. xx


Hope you're feeling a little better today Sylvi. Hope you have a Happy Easter x


I fel bright in myself,but very tired after a rough night and when i got a chance to catch up on some the phone goes at 7.30 for my daughters keys to the shop where she works as the other person couldn't find hers, so not very impressed with her.

Have been out in the garden potting on some plants that i set as seeds, but rain forced me in.

Hope your having a lovely day,have you gone away or ae you spending it at home.



Were at home as Andy only came back from his work trip to the Bahamas yesterday and he's got jet lag. I was potting up today too. Planted on lots of lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse. I get woken frequently too by my 19yr old son coming and going at all hours. He tries to be quiet but he always sets the dogs off barking. Have you had any choccie? I've resisted this year but feel very hard done to.



Yes my grace brought me a malteser one,and i had a bit on sat. night and a bit on sunday and i've still got the teasers to finish off.

Children they think that they can come and go as they please and because they can sleep the clock round they think we can too. It is a rare event if either of mine get in without me hearing them. xx


I'm no authority but believe that rhubarb leaves are poisonous to humans so they probably are to dogs as well.

For the first time ever I am trying to grow some salad veg (beetroot, spring onions and radishes) - all in containers so don't know how they will do. I did notice yesterday that we have some seedlings in one tub so I will give them another day or so and put another row of seeds in.

It's 's**d's law' I'm growing in tubs and we get a hosepipe ban! We are on a hill so our back garden is terraced so watering will mean up and down with a half full watering can. O/H did say I only have to ask and he will do it - that will be a 5 minute wonder!



You folks must be a few weeks ahead of us weather wise. BUT! I have a crock of spring onions growing on my kitchen windowsill! Thanks to having a bag of onions in the pantry and after about 2 weeks after surgery, noticed they all had 4-5 inch sprouts, just from the dark pantry I don't know if they will be useable, but it looks interesting :)

I can relate to your watering problem, Judi. It takes 5 trips to the kitchen and back to the sunroom to water all my plants, carrying a 64 oz picher, only 3/4 full, with one hand. I'm hoping to have one of my family do that tomorrow after dinner.

Have a joyous Easter, dear friends! Don't be afraid of chocolate! Remember, it's anti-inflammatory :)


Hi Slyvi and all,

The Rhubarb sounds like it is coming along, I read somewhere that if you put a bucket over it in the autmn you can still have some growing in the winter, i think alan tichmarsh tip. One thing if you have a clematis, they love banana skins and tea bags, they get nutrients out of them,a bit for recyling.

Agree with Loret, don't be afraid of chocolate, we can't survive with out it a good pleasure in life. Happy easter to you all, whatever you are doing and whatever the weather, gentle hugs and take it easy, x


You be careful - lovely to hear you so positive enjoy the vegtables



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