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Nice weather for overdoing it!!

Lovely clement weather, so this silly clot went out into the garden,after i had done the ironing. Hubby was putting in a small wall to make it easier for me to keep it tidy.

I got my pruning cutters out and a pair of hard wearing gloves.I started on the pussy willow and i cut all the dead branches of it. Then i started on a few bushes by the wall. Then it was lunch time,had soup and then my hubby took me down the hospital for ot. She was pleased with my attitude to helping myself. When we got home hubby got dinner ready and i have collapsed on the chair.I won't be doing anything else today. Nice hot bath and hopefully i will sleep.

I do find it hard pacing,do a bit and then rest and then do a bit more.

I have one achievement that i am very proud of,the last day of february 10yrs ago i took my last drink. So as of the 1st march i will have been sober for 10yrs. I would never have coped with what was to come with ra, or other health issues. Between myself anf hubby we have had it difficult. We have come through it together though,and yes i love him as much now as i did the day we got married.

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What a great achievement, and hope your hubby peeked over your shoulder to read your final sentence!


Ah yes that is lovely to read Sylvi - well done you and keep pacing but don't give up doing the odd bit of pruning - it will keep you sane and the vitamin D from sunshine can only do you good as well. TTx


Well done Sylvi. 10 years is a milestone. Loved the way you spoke about you and your hubby. He is such a brick and so supportive despite the ill health he suffered from last year. I feel the same way about mine - we have been married 40 years and still going strong although there are times I could whack the frying pan over his head but then, there are probably times he feels he could do the same to me! But you live with the ups and downs - all part of life

I also was out in the garden on Sunday - dragged Himself off to the garden centre to get some rocks for the fountain, some ornamental grasses and some other shrubs. A friend gave me a load of snowdrops so they were all planted out. Ached from head to foot after but felt a sense of achievement and pleased with the way the garden looks.

Keep it up but don't overdo things and get too tired. LavendarLady x


Hi Sylvie

Its lovely here today too but I didn't do any pruning, just sat like a lizard soaking up the heat, its the heat that helps me most, but i know some people like the cold.

And I was so proud of you having your quit anniversary, well done! You sound like your family are amazing too. Hope the weather continues for you



Warmth works for me too allanah. Its not so warm here today. Instead we went to makro and then we went to bedworth to pay bills and get a few bits of shopping.

We are home now and i am resting. My joints are very sore today. I have my appointment for nuclear x-ray on my leg. This appointment is the 15th march and i will be there a while. Hopefully that will tell the surgeon what he needs to know about the state of damage is done to my knee.

It is an achievement considering my mum was an alcoholic,and i was pretty near that state. I would not have coped with this ra if i had been drinking. You know i don't even miss the alcohol now.

My hubby is everything to me,he has his faults,but the poor man loves me,don't know why!!!!!!!


Sylvie, You are just so darned loveable, even when you are having so much trtouble with your RA and Osteo.

Believe thee me, you are so fortunate that hubby is so devoted to you. That is an ideal marriage.

I thought mine was too, but when adversity moved in and I could no longer be super-woman, he sort of drew away. Maybe he just didn't know what to do for me. My suggestions were interpreted as nagging, though I really tried to sound very pleasant. Oh well...

So good to hear you being so uplifting and positive. Tell hubby we all love him! L.xxxx


Will do. xx


A good marraige is the best thing in the world. I dont think we would have got through the last few months if we were not so strong.

Honestly all the good advice about taking it easy!!! I will have to get you a super womans costume but you are right the weather is getting better and it lifts your soul to see the sun poking its head through the clouds

You take it easier and pace yourself ok

take care xxx


Super woman,no,just have a man there telling you to stop. I will be honest if i hadn't got hubby and grace there i would try and carry on and not stop. I must admit to be trying to pace myself,just don't get the message all the time. Now the body lets me down more than the mind.. The better weather is a big factor for me as i have s.a.d. and i can tell you i HATE the dark nights and dull days.

Have a great day.



Many congrats on 10 years alcohol free and a great marriage x


Thanks a lot Summer,i'm pretty proud of it myself,considering my mum drank herself to death. Tomoorow is the first day of the 11th year. My hubby is very proud of me and i am proud of him for sticking by me all these years. We have had it hard over the years with ill health,both of us one way or another.



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