Feel as if lm in limbo, join a RA support group but didnt stay,lm early50s, but even so l felt as if l was out of place as most of were 60+,plus we had a guest speaker who suggest we all when for a walk, this was middle of november and a few of the group were in wheelchairs or could barly walk, l so much want to voice my views, but as l look around, noone else seem to care, so l came quiet case l upset anyone, l'll problem go back to the group when lm abit older

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Beaker i know the feeling, we have no ra support groups where i am but we do have an arthritis group and when diagnosed with ra it was suggested that i attend one of those - i took the morning off work and i was the youngest by about 25 years - most of them were there with carers and it did appear to be more of a chitchat group among them. I wanted to discuss the ramifications of ra in working life or with young children etc etc - hospital appointments like you said nothing and never went back. But then i found this site and rant on here a lot.


This place beats any group as you all know what each other suffers and we can share all our problems and joys. There is plenty of quality advice about and if not just ring nras and they can help. My wish is that we weren't so far apart. I'm mid 50s and this is the place where i can rant and rave and joke and take the mick(you know who you are) and laugh.



take mick, make sure his wife doesnt find out lol


I'm sure there's plenty other people who feel the same, talk to your physio team and ask about starting your own group for younger people. You can apply for funding to help with start up costs (to pay for leaflets printed, room hire, teas/coffees etc.) and invite guest speakers each month.



Yes I know the limbo feeling - but I've found that there isn't a single place

to get 100% support. So instead I do different things, so maybe you could look for a group that matches your wider interests be it walking or fishing or star wars, and then something that's more about coping with health issues more generally. I do a bit of volunteering and find that brings me in contact with lots of supportive people who each have their own problems even if not RA.


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