limited capablity form,,, mind field

4 days in to filling this form and my god its so hard evry question l seem to write the same answer, dont these people realise RA affects people in diffrent ways rarely you get 2 days the same, lm dreading finsihing it cos l know lm going to be call, and l dont mind that but l feel like lm being pick on!,and you knowselfs RA doesnt do much for your self confidece at the best of times, what happen if the day lm call in lm having a good day? pain free, what then, the truth is unless you are a office worker or have job that you can safely, none will employ some one with RA, lv always work in factorys, l wish ld did better in school, maybe then ld be in a cozy office, but fact is lm not clever enough to work in a place like that, and now with RA plus my probs with breathing who the hell is going to employ me at 52(l know l look young for my age lol ), by the way does any know the medical name for your name which is bend sideways due to RA?, lm filling this form firstly on paper then writing it in the form and after going to photocopy each paper, so when lm taken in for interrogtion l can check my answers, l'll keep you inform how its going lv til the 21st of june to sent it back if you geta form take your time dont rush

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Don't panic Beaker, it will get sorted out in the end. Just because you don't have a easy office job,doesn't mean You haven't had a fullfilled life. You have added your bit to the countrys economy. I was in catering and i had to give it up due to the dreaded ra. I then got a job in an office, it wasn't as much fun as the catering. I was no brainy girl at school either i started out in shops and factories so don't knock it my friend. Look at it another way,could those brainboxes in the office do what you used to do in a factory. I have put some answers to your questions on someone elses blog,i believe it was the blog entitled thank you,have a look at that and i hope that might help you. Best of luck.



good idea to take a photocopy. Beaker can you ring up some of the citizens advice people or even nras and get a bit of help in filling it in. It does sound like you are incapable of working as you did before so hopefully they will read it and see it as it really is and then leave you alone and allow you to claim what you are entitled to.


I am 58 and was diagnosed 6 years ago with sero positive RA I can't think of any employer who would want me so I understand where you are coming from. My advise to you is go to your local CAB they will help you fill it in , they know what and how to put things to give you the best chance of being awarded the correct rate of benefits, as our condition varies from day to day it is always best to fill it in as though its one of your bad days. Good luck.



The dwp office can fill it in for you over the phone also x


Hi Beaker

In terms of getting help with the wording, as suggested, CAB may be able to help, or you could try DIAL (Disability Information Advice Line). Their main number is: 01302 310 123, but they have regional offices so would probably put you through to somewhere more local.

Kind regards



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