Closed FMS Support group

Closed FMS Support group

It took a lot of deciding and thinking but at the end of July I decided to close the fibromyalgia support group that I set up 11 years ago, it pulls on my heart strings because I have met hundreds of sufferers and met some really good friends, I suppose it had to end as things are getting worse health wise and the stress of trying to arrange people to come and speak to the group and the numbers were dwindling BUT I blame the hospitals near by as they set up a pain group and stopped referring patients to us.

Maybe the doctors who stared the groups had something to do with it after all they are married to each other and one is a pain specialist and the other a Psycologist so what chance did I have lol, oh well I hope they are able to give the support to all sufferers and their families as the group did without costing the NHS a penny.


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  • Oh Philip, you sound like an amazing person. To be that selfless running a charity for so many years, I hope you take time to be very proud of your achievements. And even though I am not a member I would like to thank you on behalf of us who enjoy and get help from our support groups.

    Well done and maybe you should enjoy your well deserved rest. Axx

  • Hear hear well said Allanah

  • I agree with Allanah. Best of luck for the future. I just hope you don't leave

  • I too agree, I wish you all the best. Take care, rie

  • I know how you feel, many years ago when I lived in Somerset, a group was founded on behalf of Psoriasis Association, I helped to start that group, I left in '76 and it continued flourishing until the late '90's when the other founding member died. As with you it then dwindled to nothing, which is a great pity.

    As you say you get to meet loads of people in the same boat as yourself, although these internet sites do a very good job it's not the same as when you actually meet up with people and have a face to face chat. I do hope that you find something else that will continue to fill you time and caring side. xx

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