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3.30am this morning

3.30am this morning

Morning everyone,well here i am unable to sleep. What sleep i have had has been very good. I am in pain down my right side. As i am down the hospital this morning for a starving blood test i will nip in to see my rheumy nurse and see what she has to say about my symptons.

The weather looks to be more calmer this morning even though it will be cold,i don't mind cold its the wind and rain i can't stand. My new wider fit house shoes came yesterday and boy are they comfy. They are not cheap,but they are lovely,hope they last longer than oordinary slippers.

We are going to asa to do the shopping after the hospital and we will have a breakfast there and then get on with the shopping. It is always a excuse for me to look at the clothes.

Well i hope when you read this you will have had a good nights sleep. xx

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Hi Sylvi, hope all goes well at the hospital. A lot of the pain and discomfort you are feeling could be down to stress. I always find if under stress that I tense up without realising it and then wonder why my muscles and joints ache so much. Once I make a conscious effort to destress and relax my muscles, the pain goes.

You have had a lot of worry in the last few months, not helped by having pneumonia which pulls you down anyway and if you have any small amount of infection left, that will cause pain in your side as well.

Glad the slippers are ok. I am having problems with the left insole which is causing me pain in my toes - the right one is fine. Have had to cut them down slightly as they wouldn't fit my shoes!

Did get a good night last night despite my shoulder although had taken paracetemol and Nurofen going to bed which helped. I see the Hospital at Norwich this morning at the Rheumatology dept - the specialist nurses there are so good.

Have you tried taking pain killers and anti inflammatories going to bed? Might help. Also Amytriptilene is supposed to be very good in that it relaxes the muscles. I did try it once but I react very badly to this sort of medication and had to come off it again.

Hope you have a good day. LavendarLady x


My dear LL,first i hope you got on ok at the hospital. Why do you have to go norwich isn't cambridge nearer or is it due to you being in norfolk.

I don't think that i am as stressed as i was before the diagnosis,i have my moments i must admit, but to be honest where that is concerned i feel loads better.

I had my blood done this morning and i got to see my rheumy nurse and had a quick chat with her and she has suggested when i next see doctor to ask about going to a specialist that will tell me if the problems with my side of my face is ra related. I think she called it tmj,no i don't know what it is either. I'm sure the doctor will know.

Got out of the hospital and we went to asda and i had a breakfast and a cup of tea,which went down well.

Well take care,love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi,no Norwich is nearer than Cambridge but by only about 5/6 miles I think. The N & N is on the west side of the city which is handy for me as that is the way I come in but Addenbrookes is south of Cambridge so it is that much further.

Everything fine - nurses pleased. Think the drugs won't touch my shoulder because of the tear in the rotator cuff.

I think TMJ is Trimegial something. It is a nerve pain and my grandfather suffered from it. LavendarLady x


Glad you got on ok. I am suffering today,shoulder am having a job to lift it. My hands and knees are rough. I'm having a pity party today i feel that bad. I'm not depressed just in so much pain. Its 7 weeks now since i've had any mtx,so i can say it was working if this is how i feel without it. I go back to see rheumy on 28th and the it will be about 10 weeks.god knows what i will be like then.

Hope the sun is shining on you in norfolk.

love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi hope today hasn't been too bad? I just wanted to let you know that I went to the optometrist earlier today for my 3 year check up. Told him about the RA and the MTX and he looked up the MTX and said that for him as eye doc it flagged up swollen and bruised soft tissue around the eye area with dry skin on lids and lashes as a side effect - but no eye problems specific to vision itself. I know you have mentioned that you've had this happening around your eyes so wondered if you've noticed any difference since you stopped taking it? Maybe one good thing that could come out of not taking the MTX although I realise this would be nothing compared to the pain you are experiencing since coming off it of course. He said I would only qualify for yearly tests on NHS if I was put on Hydroxy or had diabetes but not wanting diabetes just for free extra eye tests thanks mate! TTx


Tilda,that describes me completly.,thats what my optician keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong with my sight.No tilda i haven't noticed any difference there,but my sensitivety to light has eased off some. I wil speak to my rheumy next time i'm down there.

I am in agony this morning,don't know what i've done,but my shoulder is killing me today. I have trouble moving my right side. I thought it was fibro,but kkknow not so sure. It hurts like hell and i have trouble lifting it up.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Love sylvi.xx


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