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Dental work do I miss injection

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Hi guys. Can anyone helper advise if possible?

I am having a root filling and was wondering if I am to stop my Actemra injections prior to this. I’m not sure if it counts as invasive surgery.

I’ve tried calling Rheumy but just answering machine .

Thanks for your help. Enjoy the lovely bank holiday. Hope your joints etc give you some well earned peace.

Love and hugs 🤗🤗

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I'm on oral prednisolone, Leflunomide and Toficinitib. My dentist contacted Edinburgh Dental Hospital for advice prior to a tooth extraction and was told not to stop any medication. Rather just to be vigilant about any signa of infection afterwards. The tooth socket healed , a bit slow, but healed well without infection. No problems at all.

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Thanks for your info Mmrr. I think I’ll just continue with it and keep an eye out . 👍

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I'm on enbrel, I've been told any invasive dental work, ie root canal or extractions to stop injecting before and after the work and only start injecting again if there's no sign of infection.

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👍👍👍 ok thanks hun

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I'm on Cimzia biologic and methotrexate. When I've had root fillings I haven't needed to stop my medication . I only had to stop it before and after an extraction, until it had healed. I suppose it depends on the medication🤔I hope it all goes ok for you.

Enjoy the bank holiday too x

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Oh that’s good news 5aank you hun

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Unfortunately it seems to depend on the opinion of the rheumatologist rather than being a set programme to follow. Unless you can get an opinion before your dental treatment, you will have to decide for yourself!

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Ok thanks anyway

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