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Do steroid injection into the joints always work?

I recently had steriod injections into the hip trochanter for bursitis and also into my knee for a bakers cyst. I have had no relief from the pain or swelling since these injections, just wondered had anyone else had similar treatments with any success.

Would appreciate any advice you can offer

Many thanks


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I had one a few months ago and it hurt like hell, never again and to top it off lol the blooming thing didn't work.

my hips are hurting like mad and they have been for a month or so and they offered the injection to which I refused their very kind offer lol.



Hi caroline I have had a few steroid injections into the joint and only one ever worked I am not sure I restdd enough following it though.


Hi Carolineo

Ive had steroid injections in finger joints that only relieved pain for a short while,but just before Christmas I had one in my wrist which has been brilliant and I have full use of my wrist/hand and pain free.

all the best



Hi Carolineo,

I've had two injections into my ankle joint for inflammation, and neither worked! I have however had quite a few depo-medrone injections and those have worked really well! No rhyme or reason for these things!


What are depo-medrone injections. I had an injection into my hip bursa 4 weeks ago and im still no better


Hello Carolineo,

Having had injections for ankles knees and hips all of which did not seem to make any difference I must say that the steroid injections I have had for a frozen shoulder have been a real boon. Giving me freedom and pain free movement and it has lasted well over 6 months. Alternatively I have also had relief in the past using acupuncture.

Good luck



Hi Carolineo

I also have had several steroid injections into my shoulder, knee, feet and fingers and have found at times they make the pain worse rather than better but other times they have helped a great deal.

So this is a tricky one to answer as with my own experience I have had mixed results.

I am at the moment having a lot of pain in my upper left arm which is coming from my shoulder and have a appointment at the injection clinic in 3 weeks time and I will get a steroid injection into this arm if the pain is still bad.

With me all the pain has come from inflamation in the areas that I have had injected.



The first time I had a steroid injection into my knee it was fantastic - I felt as if I could run up the stairs, the second time it didn't work at all!


Hi carolineo

I had a steroid injection in my shoulder on monday and it hurt at first but it is a whole lot better now, i have also had one in my knee a while ago and that really helped.



I had six injections in my shoulder and neck. Didn't work for me, if anything the pain is worse don't know what to do about the pain it's really getting me down


hi there I have had the injections in my hip and was told either it will work straight away if it was going to work, and it did, so I don't think there will be any change now for you, did they do it with an ultrasound to get it in the right place?


hi...My expierence is that I have had 2 injections in my knee and the second one did not work,..I am in pain with my knee its worst..and hope it passes 3 weeks to go again to see what happened will keep you all posted....They don't want to do knee replacement ..I think its because its expensive...LOL...I think it works for some people ..


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