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Covid vaccine allergic reaction


Morning folks has anyone got thoughts on the allergic reaction experienced by two health workers to the vaccine. I had a severe allergic reaction to intravenous iron 44 years ago and was told it was most likely caused by the 'vehicle' , if you see what I mean, used to dispense the iron....?

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I just read on the news that the two health workers who suffered the anaphylactic reactions had a history with severe allergies to the extent both carry adrenaline.

Something like that was bound to happen... I don’t think there has ever been a new drug produced that somebody hasn’t been allergic to ....and let’s face it only two serious reactions is a pretty good ballpark figure.

That’s what I was thinking!!

It’s not good news for those who have severe allergic reactions to anything. ☹️

AgedCrone in reply to Lolabridge

But yes it is people who do have serious allergies will not have that vaccine...until there have been investigations.The two who have the allergies will have blood tests taken and hopefully the reasons they had the reactions discovered. At least with more than one person having an allergic reaction.....they will have comparisons.

That is how many of the really successful drugs have progressed to being so successful....... by discovering what caused reactions and removing those elements.

Lolabridge in reply to AgedCrone

Good point AC you’re right of course.

Yes it was always going to be this way as someone will be allergic in those large numbers. I hope there are less who are but their allergy helps with the research and I do hope they have a mild one easily remedied. I have allergies but nothing of the anaphylactic kind.

Sky got mixed up and put anaphylactic instead of Anaphylactoid. Think I’ve spelled that right. Allanah pointed that out on the video link thread I posted. (I knew I shouldn’t have read Sky News but BBC didn’t have much on it when I looked!)

All medications have the ability to cause an allergic reaction in certain people, there is nothing unknown or unexpected with this vaccine that would single it out from any other. People have allergic reactions to seasonal flu vaccination every year for example. Everyone is asked prior to receiving a vaccine if they have had an allergic reaction to any medication prior to the vaccinator injecting. You should alert your GP / Vaccination centre to your history when you are called for vaccination and of course prior to receiving it.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Mmrr

That’s exactly what I’ll do for my allergies even though I don’t think they’ll be interested in them. I always mention them at any new clinic etc and to my doc when prescribed anything different. I know some things flag up on the electronic file but always best to double check,

I think it's important to be aware of it but not necessarily avoid the vaccine entirely because of it. It's best to seek advice from your medical team if you are concerned.

I would say this, allergic reactions even if severe, can be successfully treated but to date there is nothing really effective that knocks covid on the head. Dexamethasone has been shown to help but nothing is going to be more effective than a vaccine.

It's about cost Vs benefit. For example, in my days of being an A&E nurse alot of people would have an allergic reaction to the antidote to a paracetamol overdose. If this happened we would continue the antidote infusion but also administer the correct medication to deal with the allergic reaction, sort of treating both together. This was because the cost or risk of not treating the overdose was greater than the risk of the reaction. And the reaction could be managed.

I had to experience this myself with Gentamicin recently. I had to have 3 doses but it appeared that I was allergic to it, however, I was edging towards sepsis and gent was the only abx available. They gave me all three doses but "covered me" for an allergic reaction with IV antihistamines, IV fluids, IM adrenaline and IV hydrocortisone at the same time as the IV gent.

I think the key thing is that if you are prone to severe reactions then it is best that whoever is giving you the vaccine is aware and prepared. This might mean that it is safer to have in a hospital clinic room than a rural GP surgery that is very far from a hospital for example.

But I would still go ahead and have the jab, just with precautions in place.

Ajay575 in reply to happytulip

They have not to get the vaccine now thats the advive

happytulip in reply to Ajay575

Yes, thats the advice at the moment. But I don't think that we should be alarmed by it. More vaccines are on their way.

The point I was trying to make in my reply was that allergic reactions are treatable.

And the reactions that the healthcare workers had were managed and both are now fine. It's important to stay grounded.

Ajay575 in reply to happytulip

Yeh ,hopefully the other vaccines get the go ahead very soon

Mmrr in reply to happytulip

The vaccines yet to be realised will also create an allergic reaction in a very small amount of people, every medication / food / animal and so on does. There is nothing in particular about this vaccine that would cause concern.

happytulip in reply to Mmrr

Absolutely, I agree. I am not concerned about it in the slightest. Jab me up!!

Durrell in reply to happytulip

I think Happytulip you are so right, what a scare for you!! even if this vaccine had been around for years someone somewhere could still have a reaction. I sadly lost my dad to “misadventure of medicine” when I was 18, it was a hay fever injection & he use to start in Jan through to April/may/June time... I’m so nervous of meds in general & it’s taken a lot of thought to start up on biologics again, but I’m now very thankful I did as life is so much easier now. I carry an epi pen as I now have a severe nut allergy, so I shall be very careful in my thought process..

Yeh seen the news Anyone with significant reactions to food,vaccines, medication ,

Are not to get this vaccine now

Im sure more issues will follow as they said they do not know the side effects yet with a roll out


Any med/vaccine can give a reaction so this is not new as such. If you are someone who does react to lots of drugs (I do) then I take anti histamine 2weeks before a new drug and I see what happens. I always advise people of issues (GP or Ra clinic) and then given facts to make my own decision after a discussion.

It's like anything new and it got me wondering how did people think and react as it isn't that long ago in history when antibiotics were first introduced? Or Flu, Polio, T.B.or Tetanus jabs? All drugs, vaccines and medications carry an element of risk or possible reaction and while not good for the two people who reacted, at least they will as AC commented have comparisons as to how these people reacted and this can help progress and develop the vaccine further.

Maybe those with allergies should have their jabs in a hospital so any reaction can be swiftly dealt with as it was with those the other day? They are fine now.

You can have the same & people do with the flu jab

Hi I think it’s fantastic that a vaccine is available, however I inject with biological drug so think I will be saying know , I think I have administered so much in my body I am just going to play safe , follow rules mask, hand wash and distance.Good luck .

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