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Monday morning day before having the CT scan I received a follow up letter from Colorectal consultant/surgeon who originally requested MRI scans also CT. They had found a rare tumour called Neuroendocrine. Tuesday was a repeat of CT scan this time with Contrast dye was arranged by a Upper GI consultant was unable to obtain previous scans from Ashstead hospital in time.

I took letter with me, on arrival needed to drink a Contrast dye solution took 1 hour, followed by a Cannula scan was from neck area to Bowel, this tumour is to do with nerve cells. I’m hoping tumour is still contained to the tail end of Pancreas without spreading to other organs or lymph glands. Apparently medical professions are still learning more about this rare tumour. In truth I am terrified, I’m trying to remain positive, not doing so great at moment crying as I’m writing this - it’s the unknown. Phoned early Wednesday spoke to consultants secretary gave hospital number, to be told after a few minutes she was unable to log on to computer, she took my number but did not phone back, I phoned late afternoon she said it’s being looked into. Phoned again this morning no news, maybe tomorrow I will receive a phone call.

Thank you to you all for your kind support!!

Best wishes

Pamela xxx

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Just sending best wishes, the unknown is scary, of course you are apprehensive. I hope you get positive news soon. Xx

Pamelah5 in reply to rounder

Thank you rounder, I will keep you all updated xx

Sending positive vibes, massive support, a hug and very best wishes.

Pamelah5 in reply to CallMeSunny

Thank you CallMeSunny xx

Sending best wishes and positive vibes x

You are in my thoughts and prayers x

Pamelah5 in reply to J1707

Thank you J1707 xx

Stay strong - you will get through this and we're here for you 💐

Pamelah5 in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you xx

Sending you my love, keep strong and focused. We are here xx

So hard to have to wait for the results. Praying for you and sending you positive thoughts and best wishes. xx

Pamelah5 in reply to Lolabridge

Thank you Lolabridge for your prayers. For me it is the waiting, at least they are being thorough reading scan reports, hopefully tomorrow xx

Sending love to you xx

Thank you xx

Aww Pamela, I'm so sorry to hear this, I can understand your fear. I wish you all the best and hope and pray that it is as you hope, contained and with no spreading whatsoever. Thinking of you and please keep in touch to let us know how it goes. xx

Pamela, do you have someone with you or close that you can talk to?

Pamelah5 in reply to springcross

Thank you for your reply Springcross. I am very much in a daze at moment in just hoping all will be okay.

My best friend knows, in fact I had permission for her to go with me Tuesday, plus a few closest friends also knows. My sons although they don’t live at home are in contact, I’m sure I will see them soon.

Once I know, I can start focusing on what happens next in way of treatment.

I will keep you all updated - thank you xx

springcross in reply to Pamelah5

I'm so glad you're not alone through this Pamela even if (🙏) it's nothing to be concerned about as it's a lot too take. xx

Was about to ask the same, if there is someone you can talk to. Maybe a professional helpline service like Macmillan, as I understand they talk to people waiting for diagnosis and well as being diagnosed. xx

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. As you say, being in limbo and fearing the unknown is very scary and difficult. I hope you get some proper information and a plan of action very soon.

Take care x

Wishing you well and hoping you get good results x

It's the unknown it's so very hard. As you say they are being thorough.

Thinking of you and praying for good outcome.

You are doing well. Sharing is good.

Take care. x

Oh Pamela i am so sorry your going through darling. I hope you son get some

Sending you good wishes and big hug. I know how you’re feeling as I went through similar last year and it’s just awful waiting for results and always thinking the worst. Stay strong if you can and talk everything through with your best friend and family so they can support you. Getting results and deciding a treatment plan are never as quick as you would think in the circumstances but it’ll happen soon. Everything crossed for you x

Sending big hugs and positivity 🤗🤗 hope you get update soon xx

Oh Pamela. I read this and really felt for you. Of course you’re frightened. I cannot imagine how worried and scared you must be. Anything I say is pointless and trite at this time. I don’t know you at all, but I am thinking of you. Right now, you’re in a very lonely place and the waiting makes everything ten times worse. At least knowing something gives you something to latch on to and work with. I hope you get some news today.

Please let us know how you are. Don’t keep it all bottled up and let people help you. Sending you lots of love 💕

Waiting is always frustrating and sometimes nerve racking. Try and stay positive but I know that's easier said than done. Sending hugs and best wishes xx

Hi Pamelah, sending big hugs your way, waiting for results as important as these ones is truly awful. Keeping everything crossed for you. Xx

Sending hugs, the waiting is the worst part, I’ve been in those shoes myself, it’s on your mind every minute of the day and night. It’s actually a relief when you get the results whether it’s bad or good, you are mentally preparing yourself for it just now. Best wishes, I hope everything goes ok xxx

This is a difficult time for you Pamela. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you don't have to wait much longer. Sending a virtual hug. God bless

Hope you do bot have to wait for news, sending you the very best wishes


Best wishes, hope you get the best outcome possible. X

Sending you thoughts and and wishes.

Oh Pamela I really do feel for you & not at surprised your feeling scared & lonely, I send a big heart filled hug to you. It’s such a worrying for you, with no essence of speed. I prey you get some confirmation & speedy progress!! Keep us posted with progress & I am crossing all fingers & toes for you .. 😘

So sorry to hear your news, Pamela. With any luck you will get your diagnosis and treatment plan very soon. Limbo is an awful place to be. I'm wishing you all the very best Jx

Hope you get some news soon. Waiting is just the worst of the whole process. Take care and I wish you well .(ashtead is my area!). X

Thinking of you and hoping your results come through soon. Anticipation is often worse than the event, let us hope this is true.

Very sorry Pamela just catching up with my emails as been babysitting sending hugs xxx

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