So frustrated!!!

I had tests done at the hospital on 10th April, xrays and blood tests, I was told that the results would take about 10 days and to phone my GP. I have phoned the GP 3 times and keep being told they have not arrived. Today I rang the hospital to be told that I have to ask the GP to request them as they don't automatically get sent to him. I rang the GP and he said he has a letter from the specialist but couldn't interpret it. He told me to go back to the consultant and ask for a letter letting me know what the results are, or an earlier appointment.

It amazes me that I am unable to get my results!! so stressful.

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  • That is pretty annoying and I don't understand why your GP can't interpret it for you to be honest. Surely it's his job and not yours to chase the results and understand what they mean? Could you try to see a different GP in your practice perhaps or phone a rheumatology nurse. But at the end of the day I think it's the GP's job to do this for you. TTx

  • Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Jobsworth at their best. I feel for you trying to get your results. Go down to the hospital and kick up a fuss. Even if you have to go to a&e as an out patient.

    Hope you soon have some success.


  • have bad hands so quick note....Doctors PHAH.............RUBBISH communication lol


  • LOL, you got it, Allanah!!

  • TA! Xx

  • IT is now a month since you had the blood tests this verging on the ridiculous!

    blood tests dont take 10 days any way..most hospitals place them in automated analysers ( well mine does) and the results are availabe the next day!

    If the consultant organised the blood tests they may not have automatically copied to the GP, but he should have been able to interpret the letter which may have mention of blood test results and or a diagnosis

  • thank you for your comments, I have to wait now until monday, and i'm so annoyed. It seems like everything is such a struggle for me, not having a good time, and yes, I shouldn't have to do this myself, if the GP was waiting for results, he wouldn't have my experience thats for sure. Im not happy. Will let you know if and when I manage to get them. Hope you all have a great weekend by the way x

  • What rubbish! I recall that the rheumy was fairly convinced you had one of the inflammatory arthritis's so what's so difficult for the GP to interpret? Sadly it seems to be quite common with RA that the patient has to do a lot to keep things on course. Since it was your first appointment they may not have given you info about the services at that hospital but if they didn't give you the number for the rheumy nurse, then phone hospital switchboard on monday and ask to be put through to rheumatology. You might as well start getting to know them!

    Did the rheumy tell you to get results from GP or was that the xray & blood depts? 'Cos for me the details go to rheumy and she tells me, and also writes to GP.

    Good luck, and try not to worry. Polly

  • The consultant said he would write to the GP to tell him what meds to give me and to arrange an eye test, the Xray dept told me the results would go to the GP in about 10 days, I would have thought that the letter from the consultant to the GP on the 20th April, would have contained the test results and advise for drugs etc. I'm baffled as to why the GP can't just tell me what it said. Maybe a copy of the letter would help, at least I could probably get the gyst of it myself! I will ring and try and speak to a nurse at the hospital on monday, thanks Polly

  • Have you asked GP for a copy outright? We do now have the rights to see our medical notes. A bit blunt as an approach, so can be hard to ask if you're not a grumpy cow like me but could be worth it? I've found that having RA has made me be a much pushier patient. Hope you get some sense next week. Polly

  • Thats a great idea, surprised it didn't occur to me. Yes I too can be a grumpy cow! and I definately feel very grumpy about this! Will let you know what happens, Brigette

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