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not the news i was expecting :-(

I went for the follow up appointment today after my knee surgery, to be told that the back of my kneecap was very badly damaged and at some point my knee is going to need replacing. He explained that in normal circumstances (whatever normal is) i would have a partial knee replacement but with someone with inflammatory Arthritis they cannot do this.

I was quite shocked and upset because just after my operation a registrar came to see me and told me that they had managed to repair the knee and that it was not as badly damaged as first thought and i would not need a replacement and then today the consultant told me the opposite, the consultant said he was very sorry i was told the wrong thing and he would look into who it was who came to see me!!! (nothing will be done) so anyway, I go back in 8 weeks to give my knee time to settle from this surgery and then the decision will be made as to what to do next....but it looks like a replacement. Just feel a bit let down today, i think i was hoping for a more positive outcome. sorry for moaning folks.......

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Aston don't apologise for moaning it helps if you get it all out in one go. I'll tell you a little story that happened to me.

I had a knee replacement 3yrs ago and then 2yrs ago i had to have my ligaments stitched back. Still my knee wasn't right. Now having had a private consultation to find out whats wrong with my knee,guess what i have knocked knees and nobody noticed. Now i'm having to have it done again due to nobody noticing what was wrong. Thats the short story,So i hope that you get shorted out soon.



Oh dear, you must be disaapointed to have to go through things again. But maybe having the whole thing replaced will be better in the long run? Hope the knee settles quickly after this first op tho and it's not too uncomfortable while you're waiting.


The communication sounds appalling to be told two different things! x


Hi ashton

Just to let you know i am 32 and at 25 i have both my knees replaced and they are wonderful ;-)

Ella x


Thanks for that Ella, thats good to hear. I was just wondering how long do knee replacements lasts, some sites i've looked at say 10 -15 years. Do you really need to have them replaced.


Aww I know how that feels hope u get some positive relief ?? X


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