Please can you help re surgery advice?

Hi all,

Firstly I hope you are well. It's been a while since I have been on here due to lack of time and forgetting my password - whoops !

I am 42 and had my left knee replaced on 31st August. I recovered well from this and I was back at work after 6 weeks. I saw my Surgeon in October and told him that the knee was clicking ever time I moved it and he advised me that they had to reshape my knee cap and put a disc behind it and they didn't do it too big as they didn't want to restrict my movement. He said he hoped once my knee muscles developed it might support it but they would have to review it in January and then put me on the waiting list for my other knee if I was fully recovered. He also told me that they had discovered that the knee they replaced was still viable but as it had been so problematic for me they had decided to go ahead with the replacement although I had initially asked if they could do a synavectomy. I saw my surgeons superior yesterday and he said that the clicking and movement in my knee is normal it was metal on disc and he took x rays of my other knee. (I had been told by two surgeons over a span of six years that I needed replacing) but he said no we don't need to replace it although it was in a worse condition then the one they replaced. I am very confused is the clicking and locking normal? Why will they now not replace a knee I was advised to have replaced six years ago which has got steadily worse is it caution because they replaced a knee they didnt need to ? Finally should I go elsewhere as I feel as though I am being fobbed off? Thank you Donna

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  • Hi Donna, I had my left knee replaced when I was 49 (now 57) it took about a year for the tkr to feel ok I must admit it does "click" from time to time and aches if I "overdo" it...have you got any pain tho? If you are not happy then do ask for another appointment perhaps with the consultant did you see the x rays of the tkr? It may help you to know whats gone on... Hope this helps


  • Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for your reply . I haven't got any x-rays of the replacement as it was the registrar that did the surgery and reviewed me in October and his consultant that saw me yesterday and he said I don't need an x ray for that knee as we have replaced it and its fine ! I just can't understand how one said there was a problem and one is not even willing to consider the fact that I feel there is a problem. Mine clicks everytime I move it, constantly and I can get hold of my knee cap and move it from side to side and up and down is that normal? Thanks Donna

  • I would demand to see your x rays from the knee replacement they should have shown you this at post op appt :( No it doesnt sound "right" to me but alas I'm no professional just going by own personal experience I had a fab consultant didnt even have to worry about stitches being removed as they were dissolving (spelling prob not correct) :) I did have lots of swelling and bruising for some time after but this was "normal" if you are still worried I would phone and make that appointment.


  • ps did you have any physio?

  • Hi donna poor you, I so know how you feel,I was told I had oa in knees 13 years ago and had a clean up and sown back together with a letter stating if my knee went again i should have knee replacement, it went again locking,grinding. And so painful,one surgeon said he would do a need knee as it was now bone on bone another surgeon said no I was too young and done another clean out now saying it's not that bad not (never knew oa fixed itself!!) so like you I still in pain good luck hope they do something. Soon xx

  • Hi Donna

    Not surprised that you're confused! I think it would be worth contacting that head surgeon again if possible with some questions to see if you can get a better idea of why he doesn't feel the surgery is necessary. Also, given that other surgeons have disagreed with this over the years maybe it's worth getting referred to another surgeon for second opinion?

    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thank you for your advice I was thinking about a second opinion and will go down this route now.

  • Definitely ask for a second opinion, preferably from another hospital if possible, as you do appear to be getting conflicting advice. Also get advice from both a rheumatologist (ask is it bad enough to need a replacement?) as well as a surgeon (ask would a replacement be likely to be successful?)

  • Thank you for your advice I have spoken to another hospital as I was not too happy about the services where I am and hopefully I will be transferred within a couple of months and will see a different surgeon. Best wishes

  • I had a knee replacement done 3 yrs a go as it had got to the stage where it "bone on bone" in 3 places. It helped the pain but as I have inflammatory arthritis as well as OA it still swells & can be painful, this is due to the fact the only the bony bits are replaced & the membranes & ligaments are still there. My knee clicks & clonks & that is due to the metal joint, you get used to it, especially once you have re learned to walk properly! It does take a long time to get back to "normal". It's really not that long since your replacement, the muscles also need to be built up as well.

    Don;t rush to have anything done.

  • Thank you Pauline, I must admit I am impatient as I recovered greatly in the first six weeks and have seemed to stick in my improvement since then hopefully time will cure all. Best wishes

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