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Can vaccinations cause a flare?


I had a flu jab yesterday & I stupidly asked about the pneumonia jab. No she said there’s a shortage & you have to be on the priority list, I was. Well in the night all my joints were on fire 🔥. I can’t take pain killers, I’ve been awake since 4.30am in agony. Swollen painful 😖 joints all of them ☹️ I’m pleased I’ve had it done & know it’s necessary but is this normal, if so how long will it last. I had the flu jab last yr & all was well.

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Hi Caza, sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. Most years, I get a flare up of around a week post flu jab, or any jab actually. It’s not much fun but not as bad as yours, so I have much sympathy. Do you take any steroids or anything? It might take the edge off this fiery flare.

Caza in reply to crashdoll

No I don’t take steroids. I’m really not great with meds as in bad reactions to them. It’ll pass hopefully

Hi Caza

Did you get both vaccines? I hope you improve over the weekend. I never have that kind of reaction from a flu jab but am on biologic now so don’t know how it will be this year; flu vac appt Monday afternoon. 🙂

Caza in reply to charisma

Yes both together in the same arm. I was fine last yr with the flu jab so hopefully you’ll be fine.

charisma in reply to Caza

Thanks! From other threads recently, it does appear that the pneumovax can trigger quite nasty reactions.

I had it after RA began but before diagnosis or any drugs for RA. It usually does induce quite a lot of pain in the arm injected, along with varying degrees of fever and even serious illness in extreme cases.

I suffered for 3-4 days in 2015. But it was worth having for protection from pneumonia and meningitis. 🙂

Caza in reply to charisma

Thanks for replying. I’m feeling a lot better today. My arm is still pretty painful 😖 but the rest of my joints have decided not to join in thankfully 😅

Sorry to hear you’re in such pain. I genuinely hope you begin to feel better soon.

I have had both and fortunately, never been up nor down with them.

Caza in reply to Eiram50

Hi, that’s good. I was with the flu jab last year. So reckon it’s the pneumonia jab or maybe not connected at all. Much better today thankfully 😅

Sorry to hear this. I had it yesterday and slept very soundly for a change.

Caza in reply to cathie

Brilliant. I’m much better today. Although my arm is still pretty painful 😖

I am still not sure if my first flu jab in 2015 triggered my RA. I was offered it because blood tests and a scan (for a fungal toenail would you believe?!) had shown that I had mild fatty liver. I was 59 years old and after much thought decided to have the jab as we were due to go on a celebration cruise for my 60th Birthday in the January.

I had the jab in mid November and by mid December several joints were painful- by early January I could barely move and had to cancel the cruise . Was diagnosed with sero positive RA in February 2016.

I have mentioned the possible link to various medical professionals and reactions vary from saying the gap between jab and onset was too long, to telling me that if I had caught flu that too could have triggered it. I do also have a niece and first cousin with RA.

Since then I have had the flu jab every year with no ill effects. My RA is now under control with methotrexate and sulfasalszine . No flares in the last 3 years.

wishbone in reply to Bookworm55

Who's to say with any certainty that it did not cause your RA. I'm convinced that last winter's new type of over 65 flu vaccine caused my previously very mild tinnitus to go crazy just two days after the jab. Of course I can never be certain it was the culprit, but neither could my GP who dismissed it out of hand as a possible cause when I asked him if there could be a link.

Does anyone know how long the pneumonia jab lasts? I had one over 10 years ago and was told I would never need another one, but have since heard different.

Jamarruk in reply to wishbone

I was told to get the P jab every 5 years

Caza in reply to Jamarruk

I was told it’s a one off. Having had pneumonia 3 times I’ll take the jab any day. Not sure I would of said that yesterday 🥺 much better today

wishbone in reply to Caza

Some say yay and some say nay. :-O I hope to see my GP next week so will see what he thinks.

Jeepers Caza, how come they haven't given you a pneumonia jab before now?

Caza in reply to wishbone

I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. The nurse yesterday was surprised that I hadn’t been called in as I was on the priority list. It was just me mentioning it in passing really. That’ll teach me!!

holly-willow in reply to Caza

I was told by both my GP's nurse and the rheumatologist that the pneumonia jab is only needed once in a lifetime.

Caza in reply to holly-willow

Yes, that’s what the nurse said.

Caza in reply to holly-willow

Yes, that’s what the nurse said.

Interesting 🧐. That’s a shame about having to cancel the cruise.

I’m convinced it was trauma that brought on my RD on.

I’ve only had the flu jab once before and I was absolutely fine.

Much better today 👍

I was like that for 3 weeks after pneumonia jab hope it doesn't last for to long. Best wishes

Caza in reply to Chance_chance

Much better today thanks 😊

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