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Vaccines and flare up's?


Hi I'm new on here. I have 3 auto-immune conditions, including R.A.

I was just wondering if anyone had a flare up after their covid vaccine? I had a pneumonia jab in September, a flu jab in November and the covid vaccine 4 weeks ago and the last few weeks I have been really struggling. It may be unrelated but I just thought I would ask. Thanks.

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Hi Deb, I had my Rituximab infusion in early September and then my pneumonia one a couple of months after and then my flu one two weeks after that. I felt wiped out for around 5-6 weeks, so not surprised you feel tired and you’ve had your covid vaccine too. Hope the fatigue improves soon. 💗 I wouldn’t say I had a flare up after my vaccine two weeks ago but my knee and shoulder and hand .. worst affected .. did hurt for a couple of days but that wore off quickly. Are you due a rheumy review or blood tests?

debjw in reply to Neonkittie17

Yes I called last week and I’ve got a phone appointment mid March . I was very ill with shingles and c diff last March and not really been the same since but I’ve got far worse the last couple of months I think and particularly the last few weeks. I take enbrel and methotrexate which Have generally worked for 16 years. Maybe due for a change? Thanks for replying.

Neonkittie17 in reply to debjw

You have lasted such a long time on those meds, and sometimes you feel reluctant when you need to change (but another med often gives better results and more relief 💗) but wait till your rheumy looks at you/chats with you and looks at your bloods etc as you don’t know if it is RA meds waning and the vaccinations could have started the fatigue. Before taking anything else into account I know Fentanyl makes me tired although not in the same way it used to as I’m used to it now I think. I had shingles October 2019 and a milder case but I did feel shattered for a couple of months. You’ve had a combo of things which all point to fatigue as well as CDiff so hope you can discuss all this in March. Hope you have some pain relief to tide you over.

debjw in reply to Neonkittie17

Thank you. Do most people have to change meds? I don’t know any body else with it. I am reluctant but maybe that’s what’s needed. All I’m taking is paracetamol as I had c diff last year which was awful because of too many Antibiotics and stomach liners can bring it back again so terrified that will come back.

No I havent. It's not down as a side effect of any of the vaccines but if you do flare you can report it using the yellow card system.

Hi Deb I had aching fluey symptoms after vaccine which went quickly then nearly 2 weeks later my arm swelled up and became quite painful. At the same time my joints and muscles flared up and I felt awful but it’s gone after a couple of days.


Hi Deb. I was poorly for 24 hours after my jab, then on days 5 and 6 I had a mini flare but I'm almost back to normal now. It may be that your immune system may be working hard for you to build up covid antibodies but I would mention it in your review appointment in March.

Hi Deb, I’m the one with several autoimmune conditions and to be honest I was slightly worried about how my autoimmune system would cope but I was absolutely fine after my vaccination, my husband who has no autoimmune or any other sort of conditions felt tired and had slight flu symptoms for a day then after that his body itched for a few days. He’s fine now and I was fine all along.

Thanks for replying. Maybe it’s nothing to do with it at all.

Just welcoming you to the community!

I have not had a COVID vaccine so no comment on after effects. But hope you soon get over it. 💐

Oh yes sorry debjw Hello 😁😁😁 !!!! I was busy so just did a quick reply, welcome to the site and I hope you will enjoy it. Theres lots more advice (if you havent found it already )on

Thanks you for welcoming me everyone 🤗

Yup have one going on in my left leg, arm and shoulder, since the vaccination.Probably not relevent had my injection in my left arm.

I had my first ever flu jab early last March because I thought it would help with Covid. My CRP before the jab was 12 and I felt really well. Since then, only a few days after the jab, I started with a terrible flare which is still on going. My GP said it was , ‘a known risk for people with RA.’ I feel angry that this was never mentioned.I had my 1st dose of Oxford vaccine 2 weeks ago and my RA symptoms are worse. I’m still relieved I had the jab tho.

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