Back from physio

Hi guys hope everyone is well. Well I'm back from my physio appointment and the last thing I expected but iv been put on crutches! The swelling to my knee is so bad that my muscle is as week as could be! I knew it was bad but not this bad.It is effecting my back and the way I stand and walk and that's what has made my toes start to swell aswell. I had a ultra sound done. So as for my ATOS appointment next week I can prove I'm poorly! Rant over.

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  • That's not a rant Becky - its telling it as it is! Poor you but hopefully those crutches will help and be a big plus re ATOS apt too! Xx

  • Sounds like your having a hard time. Hope things improve for you very soon.xx

  • hanku xx

  • good luck x

  • Hi Becky, I had to use a crutch last year and it does help a bit, hope things go well for you with ATOS and let them see your crutches. x

  • Icant bloody win today!!!! Havin such a bad day, being on crutches for one day have left my hands and wrists swollen and in agony and have pulled the muscles in my chest could just sit and cry!

  • Perhaps you should sit with your feet up today Becky. I know it is horrible, hopefully things will get better for you. x

  • That what I'm doing. Lying with tears streaming down my face iv never ever had such a bad day like this the pain is rippling through my entire body. :'(

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