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back from 1st rheumy appointment

.Well appointment was at 9am and just got home. had a very intense rheumy said probably RA had ultrasound of hands and wrists, xrays of hands,feet and chest, bloods taken for 9 tests and steroid injection. Also asked to take part in some research and I agreed. Not a bad word to say about the experience, was listened to and taken seriously, given the opportunity to discuss and ask questions asked how I felt about the diagnosis and everything explained to me. Told will be seen in 6 weeks but that realistically this is more likely to be 10 weeks as delays in appointment times. Just got to see what the tests show now and then probably start on DMARD'S . Also given information leaflets.


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Well Cris that sounds as much as one could hope for of a first rheumy apt really - apart from not having RA if course. Glad you felt listened to and able to engage and be given info. Best of luck with all the test results and hope the steroids give you some relief. Tilda x


Thanks Tilda feeling a bit more energy already. Hoping I feel up to going to gym and pilates tomorrow as really need to lose some weight. Hope the steroid doesnt give me the munchies. Also go osteoarthritis in knees and other places.

Hope you are keeping well

Cris xxx


Hi Cris, I'm so glad you had a good experience today, that has given me alot of reasurance for when I go on the 14th, Let us know how you get on with the injection, Are you having to continue taking the pain killers now you have had the injection? And how long did they say the injection would work for? Its a shame you might have to wait so long for another appointment, but I suppose this is what we have to expect these days.

Shirley xxx


Hi Shirley

thanx hope you have an equally good experience on the 14th . Not taking any painkillers at present, the injection should work for 3 months.

let me know how you go on next week

cris xx


Brilliant 1st rheumo appt,he sounds have been very looked after take care Michelle xxx


I have never got offered a steroid injection or scans on my 1st rheumo appt,just blood tests and chest X-ray,but they are all different xx


I had a steroid injection on my first visit to tide me over until the drugs were sorted. I've found cortisol injections do not make me put on weight or increase my appetite, but Prednisolone pills do! I'm constantly starving at the moment.


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