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Time off work for hospital appointments

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Hi all, hope you are doing ok!

I was trying to find information from the Equality Act 2010 about how people with with RA require 'reasonable adjustments' from employers, and I was wondering whether or not that included allowing time off for hospital appointments (without having to use annual leave).

Anyone know about this?

Thanks in advance :)



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Hi, I really think it depends on you're employer and what the policy is. I'm in the Prison Service and I apply for "Disability Leave" if I can't get my appointments for bloods and rhummy appointments on my rest days, something I usually do.

So far I've been fine, they take the hours as leave (only usually 2/3 hours) then it's given back to me. I did have a manager who told me I wasn't allowed this and said they would take the hours off me but I had a word with the union and wrote a grievance out, as I handed it to her, they had another think about it and all of a sudden, I could take it.

If you are in a union i would chat with them or you're HR department to see what they have put in place for there disabled employees.

Good luck!!

Go have a chat with your HR and get their take on it before you start looking into labour Acts. Most employers are empathetic to our plight. Have a word first is my advice

Hi Savanah - my appointments are never annual leave! Your employers have to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate this. My sister is senior in HR and advises me. I shall run it past her when she gets in. Do you have a copy of their sickness policy to check?

Hi savannah . It will be at your managers discretion . I say this as I had to have a number of procedures on annual leave as the NHS are very good at putting you on stages for sick . I did this for 12 months and I just thought what am I doing I'm not well , I'm having medical procedures and I'm using my annual leave up for this . I in hindsight should have used the disability act and the unions to make sure I was being treated fairly and also I was respectful of my employer . Make sure you look after you . A good employer treats their staff well and will Reap the rewards . Good luck 😉

It depends. It depends on your contract. Employers don’t have to give time for appointments legally. The equality act would apply if the disability criteria were met. If they were, then appointments etc...wouldn’t have to be taken in your own time, holiday etc... If the criteria isn’t met, then the employer doesn’t have to give time off. For adaptations, it will also depend on the size of the company and the financial cost of the adaptation.

For example, if I was advised that I would need to put in a stair lift in my offices, it wouldn’t be possible due to the cost etc.... There are lots of variables here.

It’s always best to have a conversation with your employer as most will be reasonable. Diving straight in with demands never ends well in the long run.

It depends on your employer and how ethical they are! My employers, despite being a large plc, insist on me making the time back up but I guess it depends on your role. I don’t think it’s right but I do it to keep the peace xxx

Hi Savannahseger, I to had problems with time off for hospital appointments. I was told that I either had to make up the time or take it as annual leave. After many months of various hospital appointments and chasing my tale to make up the time or taking annual leave I came to the conclusion that it was time to leave that job. I now have a little part time job locally based, my health is so much better and I am no longer exhausted. I have time to spend with friends and family, life’s good again.

Hiya hun.

I see you are another jia lady like me.. Hope you are ok. ♥️

I do think it depends on who you work for, but even if they don't let you have time off they should be trying to support you.

I kind of fell into a job at a council, as failed A levels due to pretty much being absent from school for whole Yr due to RA/JIA And although I may have hoped to do more and work other places, they have been brilliant! Always giving me time off for appts and being really supportive through my many many operations.

If whoever you work for won't support you, maybe a change is called for!

Take care x

Depends on company policy. However, just taking annual leave or unpaid seems fairer on your work colleagues anyway. That's is what I do. With regards to working conditions, the employer should make reasonable adjustments to your work station if you have a disability.

My employer is happy for me to attend bloods and appointments, but I make the time up. I get the earliest blood test and latest in the day rhuemy apps, then it hardly effects work. All the best x

Thanks all for your comments! I see some common themes which is to check with my employer. Generally they are very understanding and i do try to make up missed time, they allow me to adjust my hours. It's just that sometimes, making up the time means extra long days and my fatigue struggles! But I will speak to them a figure out a way. Thank you all, it's good to get different perspectives and hear how different people manage appointments and working.

Hi Savannah,

We have a couple of booklets that may be useful to you. We have one for the employee (you) and one for your employer.

Here are the links to the downloadable files:



If you would like to order any hard copies, please feel free to email me at emmab@nras.org.uk with your information, and I can get these sent out for you!

Emma (NRAS)

Thank you :) I'll check them out! x

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