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Back at work off topic

Well after being taken off MTX and seeing what happens I am now on day 2 and though dry cough and lungs a tad tight I am definitely more sprightly than last week. However after 6.5hrs each day I can feel my eyes ready for sleep.

The amount of work done in 2 days feel good though and I feel day 2 of pimms and strawberry jelly making I am much happier with how they looked (see photo). Then on to make Potted salmon rillette which I had for lunch and it was so easy and very tasty. All new dishes for the Sunset supper events we are doing at work from May, so showing the team how easy the dishes are to make!

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Well all sounds delicious- but I thought you were having time off work? I think you may be one of those who have trouble “resting “ - Join the club .........

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I had last week off and as Consultant said 'try and see how it goes - so I am in 'having a whirl' at it. And yes sitting/resting is a hard thing for me and just not in my brain cell (s) as I already feel done too much resting lately. However I am being sensible and work know if I crash or about too I will go home and reduce back down so it is all good...........famous last words.

Ooooohhh, put my name on one of those please - they look yummy. 😁

Hmm just had a look on google as never heard of salmon rillette it looks as if it would be nice on toast , how easy is it to make ....

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Made in 15mins from bbc good food I did the quick version with added poached salmon with smoked salmon

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Potted salmon rillette

Potted salmon rillette






(1 ratings)

By Good Food

Magazine subscription – 5 issues for £5

Prep: 10 mins plus 2 hrs chilling, no cook


Serves 4

This delicious starter is similar to a pâté, made with smoked salmon, cream cheese and horseradish for a kick - serve on crackers or toast


Nutrition: per serving


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100g cream cheese

100g crème fraîche, soured cream, double or whipping cream – or a mixture of all your leftovers

100g smoked salmon trimmings, half diced, plus extra to decorate (optional)

2-3 tsp creamed horseradish

Horseradish root on a wooden chopping board

I added 50g poached salmon a s well for texture

Lemon wedge

few dill sprigs, to decorate (optional)

melba toast, crackers or toasted rye bread, and a few leaves, to serve


Put the cream cheese, the leftover creams, 50g salmon, 2 tsp horseradish and a small squeeze of lemon juice in a food processor or blender. Whizz until smooth, then scrape into a mixing bowl. Fold in the remaining salmon, then taste – add another tsp horseradish if you like, plus seasoning if needed. Divide the mixture between 4 small ramekins and chill for at least 2 hrs.

Before serving, decorate the rillettes with a spiral of salmon or a few dill sprigs, if you like. Add a pot to a plate with a few leaves and some crunchy Melba toast, or similar, and serve.

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Thank you Deeb for taking the time to post that recipe , I will certainly give it a go when I feel up to it I love salmon x

I so relate to your post about giving it a whirl back at work as I too have returned to work this week too. I find I am really struggling to do what my body needs and what my mind needs. It is such a hard balance. I am doing ok back at work so far this week but am meeting with HR for the first time on Friday to discuss the impact my RD and Lupus are having on me. Very nervous about it but realise that I need to see what and if there are options as working full time and then being able to have a social life or do the hobbies I love are just too much right now.

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I got a fit note from my GP which stated Work 3-4 days reduced hours and this assisted my HR in making sure I got full pay etc. I also emailed them the NRAS books on fatigue and RA which helped a lot. I have been honest with what I have and on start of my ra life and so things can be a tad unpredictable and this has helped a lot 🤪

Thanks for the tips, that really helps. I have been up front with my manager about my RD and Lupus from diagnosis but feel it is time that I speak with HR too. My GP has offered to do any fit note that may be required so will just need to see what HR say on Friday and take it from there. I will offer to email the NRAS books fatigue and RA too. Wish me luck. 😊

Pleased things are on the up. Don't you be overdoing it though & taking a dip back Deb, listen to your body.

Rillette is lovely with left over trout too, in fact I prefer it to salmon, it's not as punchy if you're not a great fish lover (like me!). Just leave out the horseradish.

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I love horseradish 🤪

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