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Hi I was told I have gout for 3 months now, have been taking ibuprofen but it doesn’t really help with the pain, I already have club foot and the pain just makes me even more depressed. A few days back I tried committing suicide,p. Another doctor prescribed acroxia 60mg for me but I was reading online that 120mg works better for gout but I was only able to get 60mg, can I take 2 tablets of 60mg once daily?

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Speak to your dr or rheumy before you do that darling. Take your evidence with you to prove what your trying to say.xxxxx

Hiya Sonia. I appreciate gout can be painful but please don't take more than the dose you've been prescribed. If Arcoxia still isn't helping you enough then see your GP again rather than doubling your dose of your own accord. I understand why you're asking the question but there could be really important reasons why 60mg has been prescribed. Whilst the NICE guidelines recommend 120mg for 8 days for gout it is only a recommendation. We don't know your medical history or possible interactions with the other medications you take, he does.

I also take Arcoxia for RD/OA. I used to be prescribed 90mg daily but new guidelines meant it was reduced to 60mg alternate days, increasing to daily for as long as needed. I've been taking it a long time though.

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Thank u very much

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You're welcome.

Hi Sonia I would go back to docs if you can to see if there is any other treatment for to reduce the acid and a diff drug to ibuprofen as nomoreheels said maybe a reason I would have thought you get something different to ibuprofen. I would phone gp 3 months is a long time for an attack of gout maybe

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Thank you very much

Ibrufen isn't always a good drug and needs to be monitored as it can cause other problems so please do go back to your doctor and talk to them. I've never had gout but do sympthathise as pain is horrid but their must be something else. I just don't know but wish you well and don't dispair as help is out there you just might have to be a bit persisant though.

I have heard that baking soda may put a stop to a gout attack. Here is some information.


Sorry to hear how u r suffering. I too have excrutiating foot pain and at times feel like it's ruining my life. Have they diagnosed gout definitely with blood tests? Gout should ease up after a few weeks. Be careful of ibuprofen especially as u say it doesn't work. It gave me a ruptured stomach ulcer which resulted in emergency surgery so not worth it. Have u tried resting and icing your sore feet? Whatever u do don't give up. Hope u feel better soon.

When you go back to the GP please tell them how low you've been feeling as well, it's totally understandable when you're in constant pain and nothing to be ashamed of.

I think this time of year makes that kind of stuff worse particularly when the TV is full of adverts of happy smiley families around the Christmas tree, not a care in the world.

As soon as you're on the right meds this WILL pass and you will come out the other side. X

Not sure if it will help you but I have a friend who drinks water with baking soda for flares of gout. He drinks it everyday until pain subsides. I know it’s awful pain. Hope it helps.

I know it’s difficult to determine what foods may trigger gout attacks but please look online for the bigger possibilities and stop eating them. A good diet helps with depression as well. Please know you’re not alone, you’re a survivor, and you want to be better for you and no one else. Meditate and pray for 15 minutes everyday. Check in with yourself once a month and you will see how you improve. Have a wonderful holiday season. 😊

Hi Sonia

I'm so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of information on gout ourselves, but I've heard gout can be incredibly painful, so good to get the pain under control, but as others have said, please check with the doctor before upping the dose. If you can't see them again soon, maybe see if you can get a telephone appointment just to say what you've read and get their thoughts.

Have you visited the 'UK Gout Society' website? Unfortunately they don't operate a helpline at the moment and I don't think they have a forum, but they may have some useful information on their site: ukgoutsociety.org/contact.htm

You could also contact Versus Arthritis, who cover all forms of arthritis, so may be able to give you information on gout: versusarthritis.org/?gclid=...

They also have a forum, and are likely to have more patients with experience of gout posting on there: arthritiscareforum.org.uk/

Have you been able to get help with how depressed this has made you feel? If your GP is aware of this, have they spoken to you about counselling? Or you could try speaking to somewhere like The Samaritans (Tel: 116 123)?

I hope you can get this pain under control soon.

Thank you for posting.



Soniaa, first of all no matter what troubles and problems you might be having, don't give up. Keep fighting. Eventually things will get better you will see.

About your gout, have you considered a second opinion? From another doc?

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