just got blood test results, they said its gout,which is aform of arthritus,which can be caused by eating too much oily fish,which i dont i dont drink hich is another cause,just have occasional glass wine,but was told its usually spirits or beer which causes it,so i can say bye bye to my jar of marmite,which i have on toast maybe once or twice a week, the only thing that applys to me is i need to loose weight, 2 stones max, so am hoping to start going to agymn in january and start more walking on my days off work,next blood test is in 3 months to see if uric acid levels in blood have dropped or not if not will check for diabetes, has anyone else had this gout thing,please let me know thank you sally

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  • Hi, yes at the beginning of all my tests, my uric levels were up, and my GP insisted I had gout. As my problems persisted and spread, I was eventually sent to a Rheumatologist and had further tests until I got told PsA. I have to admit at the time of the uric levels being high I was eating Marmite and Lettuce sandwiches for work, and having marmite on toast for breakfast. Since then I have cut marmite out of my diet only on very rare occasions now, plus I have cut down on salt as a whole. I only have the occasional wine and then only half a glass. I try not to eat anything salty anymore and if I do fancy the odd crisp or twiglet, I make sure that there are others around to share the pack out so that I don't eat all.

  • That's interesting I didn't know marmite was a trigger for gout? My dad had gout and he did used to eat a lot of marmite - will have to tell my son as he lives on the stuff. Tilda x

  • anything with yeast in it i was told and i checked foods with yeast in,i can eat ryvitas which i like but only rye bread also peanuts are a no no and loads of other stuff, well i need to loose weight so lets see how it goes,doctor said i would get a flare up when starting the new tablets she gave me for uric acid level being high, but i did not expect it to be that bad,usually on a night its my left hip that hurts but every joint was on fire last night,had to take day off work

  • Have you got RA as well as gout Sally? If not then you might be well advised to search out a dedicated gout site because other sufferers will be able to advise you better than many of us can.

  • doc told me it is not ra, but gout is a type of arthiritus anyway,am goig to search for sites now

  • If you go to patient.co.uk, it lists all the things that can trigger off gout, there are numerous things and not just food, i.e. skin complaints - psoriasis. Which was another reason why my GP said it was more Gout than PsA at the start.

  • PS my GP told me that nuts can adversely affect gout sufferers too because of high uric acid levels.

  • Hi Sally, my husband has had gout for many years. Triggers can also be rhubarb and shellfish. Make sure you keep well hydrated, as this can also set off an attack. On the positive side, gout can often be well managed with just anti-inflammatories like naproxen taken for a few days to get rid of symptoms.

    Best wishes Caroline.

  • Hi Sally

    ARUK have some useful information on gout including information on causes etc, which may be useful to you:


    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

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