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Pain relief for gout

My 45yr old husband has just been diagnosed with severe gout in his hands, wrists, elbows and really bad in his ankles.

His gp gave him a very strong 3day course of colchicine tablets which did help, but it flared up again a few days after finishing the course.

He is now on 1 colchicine aday and naproxin 500mg 1morning and night. And he puts pain cream on the areas but it doesn't always work.

He has got an appointment to see the rheumy but it's in 4wks time.

Please could anyone share their experiences, it's really upsetting watching him wince in agony and not be able to help him.

Thankyou so very much for reading my question, angel blessings to you all

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Hiya sorry I don't have gout but I have seen people with it and it's so painful and awful.

Maybe if you go to the GP they are the main people for pain relief and they could give you advise on how to control it before the Rheumy appointment.

Hope you get the answers of others on here Ax



I sometimes get gout although now it seems to have abated and I have not suffered now for about three years, They say it is with all that good living every body says we are having,all I can suggest is that He sees the GPand askfor more medications to get himself through to his appointed time to visit hospital, with a little luck it will settle by then



Thankyou so much for your advice.

take care and angel blessings x


My GP gave me a five day course of 30 mg of prednisilone. And it knocked the sting out of the pain for a couple of weeks. Which helped until I was officially diagnosed and given a steroid injection by the clinic.


Once the pain settles should be on something to stop it coming back but involving mor than one joint sounds more like RA than Gout. If gout heard being on Allopurinol holds it in check. My Father in law has it.


Thanks so much for your advice, the blood test results said it is gout not ra, we'll see what happens when he sees gp tomorrow.

Take care and angel blessings


Hi there,

Sorry to hear your hubby is in a lot of pain. My nephew is 40 yrs old and he suffers a lot with gout in his feet..

Hope he can get some relief very

Thanks for your reply over the weekend, I am seeing the GP this afternoon.

Take care, both of you, will chat soon.

Lots of angel hugs coming your way.



Thanks my very special angel

Hope you're feeling better soon too. Will let you know how he gets on tomorrow.

Take care and angel hugs to you from all of us xx0xx0xx


my very special angel friend. I saw my GP this afternoon and he reduced the slow acting Morphine to 10mg and 5mg instant Morphine for when I need it. He is also arranging for me to have another DVT scan due to the swelling in my leg and the problem breathing I had on Saturday, and still have, but not as bad. He suggested a nasal spray which is a natural spray no medication as I am taking thyroxin. I still have to see the surgeon on Thursday morning, I will let you know how that goes.

Good luck for hubby tomorrow.

I will be sending angel hugs and kisses to all of you. xx00xx00


Hi Mitzymoo

It may also be worth contacting Arthritis Care, as they have information on gout:

There's also good info on the Arthritis Research UK website:

Kind regards



Thanks so much for your help and advice, we really appreciate everyone 's help and advise.

Take care and angel blessings to you all xx


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