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For those who found help with diet changes, especially Paddison Program


I have inflammatory arthritis from Crohn's and am interested in people who have found help through dietary changes. I've tried many diets: Specific Carbohydrate, Paleo, AIP (auto-immune paleo), Low Starch Diet, McDougall, enteral nutrition and water fasting. I did find some relief from water fasting, but as soon as I ate again things got really bad, perhaps worse than before the fast. Previous to this flare I was on TPN which is where you get fed through a tube in your arm. I was on it for 4 weeks which as followed by the longest period of remission I've had since I got sick. I am on medication and am currently taking Entyvio, which is gut specific and is keeping gut symptoms at bay, and Imuran and Methotrexate (which I'm currently working up to a higher dose). Right before this current flare, I decided to try and add nuts back into my diet which I hadn't eaten in 3 years right before my current flare, and then all hell broke lose and I've been dealing with inflammatory arthritis and iritis since. I took out the nuts after I realized what I had done, but I can't get back into remission. Methotrexate has been added, previously I was only on Entyvio and Imuran, but I'm hoping Methotrexate will calm the flare.

I'm getting desperate for relief and am willing to try more dietary interventions. I've been looking into the Paddison Program. I know there's been quite a few posts on it. For anyone who has had success, I have a few questions:

1. Did you buy the program? Is it worth buying and if so which one: essential or advanced healing?

2. How important is the celery/cucumber juice? Do you continue that past the first two days?

3. When did you start noticing relief?

4. How long have you been on it?

5. Did you inflammatory markers CRP and ESR go down?

6. Are you allowed any protein powder?

For anyone else who has found help with dietary changes, I'd love to hear what you did and also know the answers to questions 3-5. I'm debating on trying the Paddison Program but I don't want to spend money on another diet that may not work especially since I have Crohn's arthritis and not RA. I wanted to contact Clint to see if he's had success with that, but I can't find an email on his website. Am I being foolish to think trying this diet may work? I'm kind of getting despondent but am tired of spending money on things that don't work. I'd appreciate input from everyone.

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If you look up posts by someone called Kai-- you'll find loads of information that he's provided for free - on the top bar there's a members thing to get you to the directory. Also if you head over to another HU community called arthritis action and look up a member called andyswarbs you might well get answers to your questions as he had great success.

I don't follow the Paddison programme as I don't find his approach helpful. However from what others have said the main advantage of paying for it is to get access to the support line/forum/whatever. All the other info is available on line for free.

Thank you for the tips. I'll check out those members and see what I can find.

Hello OO, Like you I started out by trying different diets and found out the hard way that there really does not exist a diet that would fit all and a lot of the diets actually work against your already compromised health making the situation worse and harder to undo. You need to understand how different nutrients work in your body and what is needed for a well working metabolism before you just start experimenting. Knowing what I know about the PP I cannot imagine someone with Chrons would benefif from it. The focus being on raw vegetables and legumes. I would imagine would cause problem. Ofcourse I could be wrong but I hope you start by observing what suits you then find out more about these perticular foods and not until then start acting.

I would also look into LDN that has helped many with Chrons.

Best of luck.👍🏻😊. Simba

Thank you, Simba. I'm sorry I should have been more clear that with the Entyvio my gut symptoms are in check, I just have the extra-intestinal manifestations. So I can eat anything really without having gut issues, even raw veggies and legumes.

Yes, it's certainly frustrating to find out there is no one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. Were you able to find a diet that helped you?

Thanks for suggestion on LDN. I have tried that in the past and unfortunately it didn't help me. Again, I guess it's one of those things where what works for some does not work for another.

Sorry about LDN not helping you:( Yes I think I have found a diet that helps me together with certain supplements and LDN. For me LDN has calmed the inflammation, given better sleep and cleared my head. No silver bullet but was worse without it. Here is a podcast that you may find informative to listen to. It's a bit long.

Thank you for the link! I will check it out. Do you follow a Ray Peat type way of eating? (I just skimmed through the show notes).

Yes, the LDN made me sleep so well, which was strange because a lot of people on the forums I've visited said it interfered with their sleep.

The thing is that Ray Peat does not have any specific diet. He has a very thorough knowledge of the biochemistry of our bodies and helps you understand what things disrupt and support healthy metabolic function and also what is happening in inflammation. He believes that when the cells in our body are able to supply the energy needed, our chances of overcomming and also fighting illnesses are optimal.

Ray Peat has helped me understand and listen to my body. My body temp and energy are now at a much higher level.

Here is some more reading that may help you when looking for the right diet for you.

I will check this out as well. I'm always up for reading more about food and health. Thank you!

Hiya OO, welcome. I'm not sure but I don't think the PP would be a recommended diet plan for Crohn's. My experience isn't personal, it's through my h who is undergoing testing for long term stomach problems. To date the only one that's come back positive is lactose intolerance, Crohn's is still on the table until further testing proves otherwise, he's somewhat of an enigma! One that does seem to be helping is Vitamin D, if you've not investigated that. Otherwise if you've not been over there maybe visiting the Healthunlocked Crohn's & Colitis Support group would be helpful for you?

All the best.

Hi normoreheels (aw, your forum name makes me kinda sad!),

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's issues. Crohn's and many digestive disorders can be difficult to diagnose. I hope he can find a correct diagnosis and get well.

I mentioned to Simba that my gut symptoms are not bothering me (controlled by a biologic drug called Entyvio), so I don't have problems digesting raw or high fiber foods. Is that the main reason why you were thinking it wouldn't be good for Crohn's?

I have been taking Vitamin D, thank you for the suggestion.

I will check out the Crohn's Colitis forum. It may seem strange that I'm posting here but my gut symptoms aren't bothering me, it's my Crohn's arthritis and iritis that are the issues and not all people with Crohn's have extra-intestinal symptoms, so I thought I may get some better advice here. :)

I did get a reactive blood test (Cerascreen) done which showed reactions to Wheat, Oats and Egg Yolks. Cutting out these foods led to much improvement. However also doing various other supplements which may help such as small amounts of Pregnenelone, Bicarbonate of Soda, Black seed oil, Boswellia, Vitamin B1. Caveat pain levels quite low - more just slightly uncomfortable really sporadically in the ankles, knees, hips and only have ever had one inflamed finger.

Thanks for sharing, alexask. How much does the Cerascreen cost?

How did you decide upon the supplements you're using besides Boswellia which I know is anti-inflammatory.

Googling and trial and error really. I don't intend to take all of these for a long time. Also I forgot curcumin. Also getting some fisetin arriving over the next few days. Pregnenelone I see as instead of prednisone, which some get prescribed, but has potential side effects.

I was reading this the other day--


I agree with Simba about this particular diet for you. I have IBS and am currently doing a much less severe version of it. Most certainly could not handle beans, peas, lentils and loads of grain. I should imagine it would be hellish for someone with Crohns.

I have not bothered with the juice drinks. They just made me feel sick. I have given up all dairy and breads. I eat a lot of raw fruit and veg, but of types I know I can handle. I'm hugely sensitive to garlic and onions, and apples give me awful stomach pains. I do eat lots of green leafy veg etc.

I eat cooked porridge, white rice and sweet potato. I'm not a meat eater, and for the time being am avoiding all animal products. I am fine with some nuts and seeds, but too many can cause issues. I have nut butter on rice cake with sliced banana to ensure some protein .

The Paddison diet is very harsh indeed. Far too much roughage for someone with gut issues. I've adapted it to suit my needs, whilst also following a fodmap diet given to me by my gastro.

It's quite early to say, but I think going dairy free might be the clincher for me. I did have some bloody diarrhoea the first 2 days. This happens to me if I eat something I shouldn't. Could be a good deal more serious for you though.

Do be careful. I'm only doing this short term to see if it makes a difference, and the diet isn't so restricted that I'll become deficient in anything. I'm trying to lose weight and lower blood pressure as well as reduce pain and swelling.

Sorry meant to say I had a really nasty bout of colitis one year. So I'm a bit careful.

I havent done the paddison but I'm aware of it and its ability to help. I actually tried the alkaline vegan diet, cutting out gluten also. Very, very hard but it works. I decided when I felt better to just be a regular vegan. But the pain started coming back. I am now on a 10day juice fast, I'm hoping it works. Then I'll be eating strictly plant based. I took myself off of all them meds last year. If this doesn't work, I'll have to revisited the meds, but I dont want too!

Hessie5 in reply to Sugacat

Hi Sugacat - are you treating your RA/D with solely food? How long have you been off meds? I found even when I was off meds my RA was brewing up in the background. I had a horrendous flare in my right shoulder to where I was begging to get the meds! I am off meds again (on prednisone) as the last one did zilch. My blood markers were elevating too. Like you I am reluctant to take meds, but know I can stop them if anything should occur. Hessie

Simba1992 in reply to Hessie5

Here is one forum member who looked outside the box when the med treatment did not work well enough and who did want to find other solutions and in fact succeeded when using PP. Good for her!

Hessie5 in reply to Simba1992


Shalf in reply to Sugacat

Hi Sugacat, very interesting. I came off my meds for 3 weeks trying a food alternative. It was working fine then I got anxious and stressed about the loss of my two dogs in a short space of time and my immune system went into turbo autodrive! and I have been getting pain and swelling so today started back on Baracitinib. The rate at which joints can become damaged worries me. I much prefer the food way. I want an allover check on my body first. Due to see Rheumy soon. Well done to you, long may this continue! Xx

Hi there.

After trying many diets I really believe there is not a one diet cures all scenario here, be it paddison , paleo, Mediterranean or keto. But the one thing through my own research that is constant is greens. Greens is the cornerstone of paddison and he believes it's about the enzymes and prebiotic food they provide which change the gut flora and helps heal leaky gut. Also creating an alkaline environment which heals as well.

There is another guy Seamus Mullen who is a chef and put his RA in remission through good quality food meat and veg. On top of that most of us are unaware we have parasites that need to be dealt with as well as yeast infections and a lot of these diets seem to work because they cut off they food supply for these problems i.e. sugar bread gluten diary.

Paddison diet is very strict in the beginning because he cleanses the gut for 3 weeks before with gluten free grains and celery/cucumber juice. So fibre and prebiotic food is all you have which changes the gut flora and a lot of people feel worse because of parasite/yeast die off.

And then you start a strict vegan diet which relaxes over time.

I hope this helps and you get relief.😉

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