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Both of us at the hospital this morning.


We are back from the hosital. I am having my drugs changed Olumiant(baricitinib) i have to stop the hydroxy and sulpha. He has given me steroids to see me through until i go back in a month. He was brilliant with me. Hubby had a colonoscopy which though they went in he wasn't cleared out enough. He is full of polups hence why he is suffering so much. They are all over his tummy region. He has to go back a week this Friday after following a very strict diet and this time he will have sedation and he is going in in the afternoon. I will drop him of and i think my son will pick him up hopefully,if he can't i will do it.

I feel absolutely exhausted now.I took him down the hospital to come home and then take my dil to work then come home,only to turn turn out for myself and my neighbour. so when i had my x-ray and bloods done it was down to get them bot then home we came and i feel so tired now and lacking in energy.I was alright while i was on the move and as soon as i got home that was it i more or less collapsed.xxxx

Hubby is at the front of the photo with the hackle on his beret.xx

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sylvi, good news about your drug change, things will start to improve for you soon.

hopefully hubby will move in the right direction next week too.

rest up thus evening.

lovely pic too !

Good luck with the baricitinib. I'm taking both baricitinib and hydroxy. Did he say why you have to stop hydroxy?

I bet hubby was over the moon about that!

sylvi in reply to wishbone

He said that and sulpha had stopped

wishbone in reply to sylvi

That's a shame. They both worked fine for me until I decided to stop the hydroxy to see if it would alleviate my skin and stomach issues, but RA got worse so I've just restarted hydroxy at half the previous dose. Just can't seem to win!....... :-(

Thanks sylvi, take it easy

sylvi in reply to wishbone

Oh Wishbone i so know how you feel darling it has been a horrendous year for me all told. I have started the steroids now and when i go back next month i will be given the new drug. So hopefully by Christmas i might feel someing like

wishbone in reply to sylvi

Yes, I know you've had it rough. Hope this new med works and you become a fully fledged member of the baricitinib club. :-)

sylvi in reply to wishbone

So do i darling.xxxx


Oh an exhausting day for you! Hope the Baricitinib brings a big shift for you r healthand hubby's polyps get lassoed successfully next time.


Baricitinib seems to work well for lots on here so hope it does for you. Your poor hubby too. Have a nice restful evening after that xxx

What a lovely pic x life has such twists and turns 🤷‍♀️ You did fantastic well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Now please rest x sometimes it catches you and you need to sleep 💕💕

Welcome to Baracitinib Sylvi, hope it makes a marked improvement for you! Wishing you both well. Lovely pic! Xxx

You had a busy day Sylvi, but a productive one. I do hope baricitinib helps you, at least you're swapping lots of tablets for one or two, always better.

My h has had quite a few polyps removed, well lots. Let your hubby know that it's not too bad. If doesn't have any tattoos now he will a week on Friday, they leave one wherever they remove a polyp. He's better without them so I hope all goes well.

I'm sure you'll have been resting up so hope you're feeling a bit brighter now. Lovely pic, the sign spoils it a bit though, how unfortunate! x

Good news about your change to baricitinib, Sylvi and let's hope it's your magic bullet. Loads of people posting on here have said wonderful things about it. Many congratulations on managing to get through your busy but productive day so a rest and, fingers crossed, a good night's sleep would be in order. All being well your hubby won't have much memory of the procedure and will feel so much better for it👍

Good luck with the treatment change Sylvi and I hope hubby gets sorted. Great picture proud moments x

Thank you all for your kind words,i am hoping when i get the new drug i will start to feel brighter.xxxx

What a lovey photo.

No wonder you’re exhausted, what a busy day you’ve have. It’s good news about your drugs being changed. Hope hubby is ok for his colonoscopy - mine had one a couple of years ago, not a pleasant thing I’m told. He had to follow a strict diet beforehand and drink a disgust tasting drink!

sylvi in reply to helenlw7

Bob did,but he was so bunged because of all the polps in his colon they couldn't remove them and he has to follow the strict diet again next week as well as some awful drink and he can't have anything to for a day and half,which is going to be fun for him and me. The dr that went in Tuesday told him he will have to be sedated next time as there are so many polps in his body.xxxx

Best of luck, sylvi, l really hope things settle down for you and that great man marching so proudly. You are both indeed warriors.

I am praying for you and him so you can enjoy your Christmas together without pain or discomfort... We all deserve that!

I hope you don't mind, but l have saved the pic of him marching to look at when l am having a crappy day, it makes me get off my arse, take the pain and harden up.

All the best from Australia xxx.

sylvi in reply to Chongo

Off course you can darling i am glad you like the photo so much. He doesn't do too bad for a man of 75yrs does he.xxxx

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